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My Progress in Maine-WR

So as many of you know, FI, FMIL, FMIL's BF, and I went up to Maine this weekend to see the venue again and get some other WR stuff done.

It was an eventful weekend.  We measured the entire venue, decided on where we wanted everything placed (DJ, Cake, Tables, 1st Dance, Milk and Cookies Bar, etc.).  We decided what furniture we want them to take out, what we want to stay, etc.  We figured out how the flow of the day will go.  And we made a rain contingency plan (crosses fingers that I will not have to use it!!)

Then we found a baker to do the wedding cake.  FI wants to look at one more baker, but I think it's just because he likes the name of their bakery (Nothing Bakes Like a Parrot).  But the place we found has delicious cake, is reasonably priced ($2-3 a slice), is 10 minutes from the venue, and they transport the cake for free.  We taste a bunch of their flavors, but really LOVE the Boston Cream cake.  The only trouble with that is we're not sure if we want ganache on the outside of the cake (for aesthetic purposes).  So, we'll have to talk to the baker about this.

Then I went to get my hair trial...

Let me tell you, if I had used $70 to wipe my ass with, it would have been better spent.  This hair dresser was TERRIBLE.  Like TERRIBLE.  She did 3 hair styles on me, none of which looked a thing like the pictures I showed her.  Honestly, I could've done a better job on my own hair.  And after the first style, when I tried to explain what I liked/didn't like, she got extremely defensive and argumentative.  I'm still upset about it.

It's so hard planning a wedding 4 hours from my venue, but at least I learned a very valuable lesson:  do NOT spend a DIME on someone unless you are POSITIVE that they will do a GOOD job!

Re: My Progress in Maine-WR

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    That's awesome about all the stuff you got done, and even though you feel like you wasted $70, at least it wasn't the day of your wedding!

    Can you get some recommendations from WeddingWire or the local board for that part of Maine for another hairdresser? Maybe call a couple of hotels and ask their concierge for suggestions?
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    I heart Maine.

    That's all.


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    Sorry about the hair trial. I DIY'd my own makeup because I thought my trial was no better than I could do on my own.

    In addition to Wedding Wire, I suggest searching Yelp for another hairdresser. I found most of my vendors on Yelp.

    By the way, I'm envious of your milk and cookies bar. I want milk and cookies right now!
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    That is awesome Shoes! Except about your hair dresser, that sucks. I wont have anyone do my hair for this very reason, my wedding is 3 hours away. 
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    Yay for progress!!  I'm excited to see pictures.

    But I am of no help. :(
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    I'm planning from 7 hours away, so I get your frustration. Thankfully I go to Houston often enough that it hasn't been too crazy difficult yet. I haven't looked into hair or makeup people yet though. Sorry your trial was so sucky. What styles did you try?
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    I gave her pictures you guys gave me of up with curls and a fishtail bun.  She gave me a bush of curls which had no shape and was obnoxious.  Then she gave me an ENORMOUS bun that looked like a horse shiit on my head.  Then she gave me a messy bun with hair sticking out all over the place.

    It was not cute.
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