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Freaking Out!

I keep seeing that ticker at the bottom of my posts counting down to my graduation and it's freaking me out! This semester has gone by so fast and I feel like I still have a ton of projects and papers to do. With Thanksgiving break factored in I only have 2 weeks of classes and finals week left.

I am really really regretting taking 18 credits this semester. I failed my last mummies test and I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to be able to pull up my grade enough to pass. :/ This semester has been filled with panic attacks and they just get worse (and more frequent) as it gets closer to the end!

I'm also regretting choosing to go Idaho for Thanksgiving break. I'm excited to see my friends and family but I really need the time to catch up on homework. And I have to move right after the end of the semester. Ugh...stressed seems like an understatement for how I feel!

I really needed to get all of that out...although it didn't help as much as I thought it would.

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    Beth, I'm sorry that you're feeling stressed! I find that when I have tons of stuff to do and am getting really freaked out about it that I really can't think as clearly and am way less productive. Meditation or exercise really helps me get rid of that nervous energy and helps me focus. I'll be thinking about you!
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    I feel you on the whole regretting holidays thing... I have so much to do, but I'm officially driving 7 hours to go spend two days with the boyfriend's family.  Yikes!  And I really do have a crap ton of homework to be doing!

    But you definitely need to regroup so you can focus and attack what has to be done. Take some homework with you back to Idaho (your family & friends should understand) but also take some time to destress so you can make it through the last little bit. Also, if you can afford to, take some time off of work.
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    DanieKADanieKA member
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    Deep breaths. You'll be okay. I'm sure the rest of this year will be a whirlwind, but I have no doubt you can do it. Is there any way you can study in idaho while you are on Thanksgiving break. I know it can be hard to pull yourself away from friends and family, but maybe if you take a few hours out of each day and head to the Library (I always had to physically remove myself from my family for them not to be a distraction), or if the Library is closed for the holidays a Barnes and Noble/Starbucks to just get out and do some work? That could help you feel like you aren't neglecting your studies, but you can still see and hang out with friends and family before and after you study. 

    I know it's discouraging when you fail a test and it totally messes with your mind in terms of grades, but tackling one thing at a time helps me. When I think about everything I have to do at once, it can freak me out. But if I just look at the list, allot an amount of time to each task, then just take it one at a time, without skipping ahead, and resisting the urge to work on everything at once, it really helps. And checking things off always made me feel better. Even if you don't get through everything on the list, at least you'll have done the things at the top, and you'll have less overall work to do. I'd always rather have 3 out of 5 things totally complete as opposed to having a little bit of 5 things done. KWIM?

    I hope these next few weeks go by okay for you. You can do it! 
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    polkadot111polkadot111 member
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    Sometimes we need a little break to get back going strong and getting things done. I understand though. Just this weekend I went home, and I'm regretting that because I have SOOO much to get done this week... But, it was such a needed break.
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    Blue & WhiteBlue & White member
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    You take a class on mummies?  That sounds kinda amazing.

    I agree with the PPs though, take everything one step at a time, and see what you can do to do a little schoolwork over the break.  You can do it!
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    ravenrayravenray member
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    *hugs*  You can do it!!  I took 19 units two semesters ago and I thought I was going to die around mid terms and finals week so you can do it!  Try not to look at the whole picture, just take it one step at a time and make sure you give yourself breaks!  *hugs* 
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