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    [QUOTE]If this is not aloud, please delete/disregard this post. My friend got married in January and her photographer is having a contest. The winner gets a free canvas print of their photo. To win, they have to get the most "likes" and/or comments on the picture on facebook. I was wondering if you ladies would be willing to take a couple of minutes to help out. You have to "like" the photographer, Nick Corona Photography, then "like" the photo. Link to follow. Again if this isn't aloud I'm sorry. But it would be awesome if you guys could help out!! <a rel="nofollow" href=""></a>
    Posted by CFar13[/QUOTE]

    Not allowed. Sorry.

    ETA: you might wanna remove the content of this post so as not to arouse TK wrath.
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    These always just make me want to vote for someone else.
    When you love someone, you can tell. When you're in love with someone, everyone else can tell.
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