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Ring shopping in Cape Town

We went ring shopping for the first time this week, we went to four or five stores, that had nothing but ugly rings! We foundsome really nice rings at one store though, and one I really liked, but am not sure if it is the one. I did discover though that I love lighly yellow colored diamonds. I tried on a Q and really liked it! Boyfriend did not and thought it was cheap looking... I will probably end up with a K diamond. As I really like the warmth. But unfortunately, other than the one setting I saw I am clueless, on what kind of setting I want. And I feel since I am getting a K it is important to see what a K diamond would like in a setting with whiter diamonds before I buy or design one off the internet. Hopefully we will get time on Friday or Saturday before we leave Cape Town to look again. (I am working m-f in cape town). The boyfriend has been very good about being patient during the process. I just wish I could find a good store in Cape Town with a lot of variety, since there is even less variety in Oslo.

Re: Ring shopping in Cape Town

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    Google is your friend, although you're absolutely right about getting both more variety and better bargains while you're down there.
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