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Weekends. Vent.

This weekend my BF went to vegas with a bunch of friends to have their fantasy football draft.Friday before they left our roommate came up to me and said he needed $10 for my share of cable. I've never given him money before.. BF takes care of cable and I pay utilities. I told him to wait and talk to BF, he.d be home in an hour.. and I didn't understand why he would need $10. So BF got home and had to pack then I drove them both to the airport. I figured the cable talks would just wait until they got back. I got up yesterday morning sat down on the couch with my cereal.. and he had unhooked the cable box and took it. Out of spite for me not giving him 10 dollars. I checked his tv downstairs and he had blocked it so there is no picture. And he changed the password on our internet. So I had to go to my parents to check my email.He is supposed to be out in 3 weeks, but I am telling BF I want him out now. He can stay with his GF who lives 30 seconds away. This.. on top of everything else has pushed me over the edge. He only pays BF 300 a month and half of the cable bill. At first I wanted to shut the power off downstairs where his stuff is until he paid for electricity, but I've calmed down a little. Ok. This is the last of my roommate venting, but with BF gone I needed to spill.

Re: Weekends. Vent.

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    wow, it's only been one day? Talk about over reacting. sheesh
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    It's been 500 days of dealing with things like this. I don't think I'm overreacting.
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    I'd bug my bf in vegas and tell him what happened and have him lay into the guy.
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    First of all, that sucks. I'm sorry that happened to you. Secondly, I think that lullaby meant that your roommate was overacting over the $10.
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    That sucks! All over $10? That's ridiculous - I'd definitely be calling bf and having him lay into the guy.I don't remember the other issues you've had with this guy but atleast he's going to be out of your hair soon
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    Sheesh I would kick him now! He has no authority to do that to you, and all over a measly $10???? Who's name is the cable and internet bill in anyway? If the internet is in your or bf's name, is there any way you can call them up and tell them that you are locked out of the net and they can reset the password for you? Also do the same with the cable company if it's in your name. I second pp who said to call bf and tell him what's up. Roomie is not getting away with this. It's a) not his place to do these things and b) he is being a childish brat. The sooner the better. Oh and why does he not live with gf, btw? She doesn't want to live together before marriage or something? (sorry if you mentioned this before and I didn't notice :\ )
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    Unfortunately cable and internet are in his name. BF and I didn't want it in the first place since we hardly watch tv.. and can both just use internet at work. We also didn't want to pay the extra money for whatever top package he has. Who needs that many channels? But he had a similar fit this time last year and we agreed to pay half.Both him and his GF don't want to live together until they're married. Even though they spend everynight together anyways. Anyways, I called BF today and he said that he is going to talk to him and won't be staying here much longer. So it sounds like he might be kicking him out sooner than the 3 weeks.He also said that he (roommate) lost $400 the first night there.. and that made me laugh because he was so concerned with my 10. I am glad BF doesn't like to gamble.
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    I meant your roommate over reacted. Sorry for the confusion
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    Wow- I don't know the backstory here, but that's just insane. Who does that over $10?? Have you told your BF yet? I'd have a hard time biting my tongue, but I guess the fact that he lost a bunch of money
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    I hate it when people don't want to "live together" before marriage, but still stay the night at each other's houses and have sex anyway.FI's mom suggested we do something like that instead of live together, and I was like "WTF is the point?"If they do that for religious reasons I think they're missing the point, and if they do it just to keep their families happy I think they should stop being so concerned what their parents think and act like adults. Be up-front.Dumb.Also, hissy-fit was dumb of him, too.
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    Holy crap that is screwed up.  I would throw his stuff in the trash and change the locks.  Lots of roommates thread lately.
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    Wow that is insane over $10! Who does that?!? At least you'll be rid of him soon...good luck.
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