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Help - Who's gonna marry us?

My fiance and I do not want a religious ceremony for our wedding.  And because of that we are having a really hard time deciding who our officiant should be.  A Justice of the Peace seems so informal.  I've heard of people asking friends or relatives to do it, but no one in our lives really stands out as "the one" person we would have marry us. 

Any ideas?

Re: Help - Who's gonna marry us?

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    You can hire an officiant to marry you, thats what we did. We dont know here otherwise. Check your local boards to see if they have suggestions on local non-religious affiliated officiants in your area

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    We are having the same issue.  We would love to have a family member/friend do it but can't really decide on who would do a good job.  Plus, we don't know who would actually want to take the time to become ordained.  Reminds me of the Friends episode!  haha!  Good luck!
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    We did as a pp suggested and hired an officiant.  She was awesome and did exactly what we wanted.  We had a ceremony that did not include any religious beliefs at all.  I would definitely ask on your local board.
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    We went with having DH's uncle ordained.  There wasn't anything that went into it except filling out a single form on the website.  He wasn't really our first choice, but DH insisted on it being someone we both knew, and the mentor figures we'd initially asked couldn't make it.
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