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NWR: The cost of being HR

I love my job (I am an HR Manager), but it allows for no personal relationships at work...which is not necessarily a bad thing at all!  And I do know that at the end of the day it is best to maintain the “no personal” relationship status because I am forced to deal with many tough situations.But…the fact that no-one will chat with me just to do so, kind of sucks.  I make jokes that the only time my co-workers will talk to me (other than when they have an issue) is when I hand out paychecks, but it is the truth!  I am glad that when someone has a work-related question or concern they are very comfortable coming to me, and maybe that is because I am so un-biased and not involved in their day-to-day “happenings”.  But it would be nice to be included in some of the fun things that go on in the office.  I mean, direct managers and supervisors have to tread lightly on this ground as well but they are still included. I try to chat and to start up friendly conversations with my fellow co-workers but I never get very far… Oh well…just my little vent for this lovely Friday J 

Re: NWR: The cost of being HR

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    huh, i never thought about that. Being good at your job means no work friends. I'm not sure if I could do that I've made some really good friends in the past that started out as coworkers including BF. I wish no one at work talked to me now though lol
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    I wish no one at work talked to me now though lollol, there are some perks!
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