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Pew/Row Decorations

What is everyone using to decorate the rows/pews at their ceremony location?

I'm not a big fan of the fake plastic bows, and I have a feeling using real flower arrangements will get pricey.

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Re: Pew/Row Decorations

  • Petal cones
    Small floral decorations with ribbons
    Small pomander balls
    Small tins with flowers/greenery

    If you want the flowers, you can easily DIY them.  You can get pew clips with little holders for floral faom.  Use Oasis wet foam for fresh flowers, or regular floral foam for artificial flowers. 

    Cut little sections of greenery and "green" the foam, then add a few little flowers, crystal or pearl picks, feathers, or whatever you want to add.  There is a hook that holds the foam holder, and a little loop if you want to wire on some ribbon.

    You can find them at craft stores or on line, and you can find videos on You Tube on how to make pew clip arrangements.


  • We had lanterns. PIB.
  • I'm not doing anything.  I think they're really unnecessary, and can be easily cut if you're short on time, budget, or ideas.
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  • A friend of mine gave me bells. They're not very big, but she put three on each one and used a color coordinating ribbon and put them on every other pew.  I may make it 2 bells and i have to change the color of the ribbon but that's a pretty cheap yet really nice looking way to do it.
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  • For my daughter's wedding, we ran out of time and energy, and it was fine without the pew deocorations.  They might have even been "too" much. 

    We were only planing on doing every third row anyway, not every single pew.  Or the front, back, and middle pews.
  • We are doing a tall glass vase filled with a little bit of sand at the bottom & a pillar candle on every other pew... then I made DIY letters of our new last name & first names to hang on the remaining pews (the DIY letters cost less than $10).
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    We had bows at the end of each row, plus gold satin sashes on each of the seats in the first row.  The sashes were reused on the chairs at the reception, so the only extra cost was the bows, which might have been $10 for the whole lot of them.

  • We used wheat sheaves on the first 3 pews on each side at my daughter's wedding.


  • my future mother in-law is making bows out of tulle that will hang to the ground.
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