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Got my 1st wedding related item

My mom and I are waiting until the bridal show next month before making any "major" purchases or planning (and FI has given me "complete control" of the planning - I keep telling him I'll talk to him about everything to get his input, but he keeps telling me he wants this to be all about me and the planning isn't really his thing anyway).

My mom and I haven't really had a chance to just spend a day window shopping in quite some time (she had knee replacement surgery a few months ago and before that she couldn't walk much because of the pain).  So we decided to spend some quality time together today and just go window shopping.  Our plan was to just "ooh and aah" and get some ideas, but when we walked into the dollar store, they had the cutest garters.  We figured why waste money on the tossing/throw away garter (and my mom told me today she's letting me borrow the garter she wore 38 yrs ago), so my mom couldn't resist and bought it for me.  Love my mommy.

Re: Got my 1st wedding related item

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    Yay! Congrats!

    What's your potential wedding timeframe?
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    Ooo fun! 
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    [QUOTE] What's your potential wedding timeframe?
    Posted by katanne9[/QUOTE]

    We're just waiting to make sure the church is available to have an "official" date (and it should be - they've pretty much told me that since I've been a member there my entire life, that unless something strange happens, they'll move things around to make sure I can have the date I want), but Saturday March 5, 2011 works for his family and mine.  Looking at probably having the ceremony at 11 am...we have a church service on Saturday evening and getting a reception location for lunch time will be so much cheaper.
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    o0o that's so exciting!! 

    And an (almost) date! Wo0t!

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    That is so exciting,... Starting with the little things will make your live 1000 times easier later... when all you are thinking about is the little things.
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