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Afternoon reception at restaurant with no dancing-will our guests be bored???

FI & I are having an afternoon reception at an upscale restaurant in Chicago this December. Neither of us are dancers and we're completely happy with the idea of serving great food and great wine to our guests. Our venue will allow us to rent a dance floor if we want, but I'm not really sure it's necessary since it's an afternoon wedding and neither of us really like dancing? Part of me feels like we should so that we can still do the whole "first-dance" "father-daughter" dance traditions, but I'm not really sure? What do you think?

Will people be bored? What else can we do to entertain our guests during the reception? We'll have a cocktail hour, followed by a four course meal. Reception will start at noon and probably end around 4. We'll have around 100 guests, mostly adults that range from 25-60 years old.

Thanks for any suggestions!! :)

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