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Mood-Boosting Yoga?

The above link is a yoga routine based on postures that have been shown to stablize mood. "The findings suggest that yoga, particularly back bends, increae confidence and decreased negativity." 

Do you do yoga?If so, what type? Tell me about the type of yoga you do.

What do you like about yoga?

What do you dislike about it?

Any other comments on yoga and/or mood-boosting?
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Re: Mood-Boosting Yoga?

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    I was doing a beginner yoga class for a while on my day off (Monday) but I've been watching my 10 yr old sister lately on Mondays. I really enjoyed how I felt afterwards though! I hope to get back into it soon!

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    motoLynmotoLyn member
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    Bikram yoga, which is the hot yoga.  I come out feeling like my body is floating.  Also I think I sweated enough to fill up a bucket.  The rest of the day I am so chill.

    I love it because it is about being in control of postures and movement.  Pretty much I get to focus on just moving and not think about anything that stresses me.  The breathing exercises come in handy to calm me.

    Dislike I have to say is how soggy my clothes are afterwards.  I have to drape a dry towel over my car seat else I'll soak the seat with my sweat.
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    SopChickSopChick member
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    I would love to do more yoga! I'm about to be a poor student again though, so I have to just do it on my own. Any recommendations of sequences, online videos or DVDs?
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