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Slowly, but surely we're gettin' there...

Well, the BF surprised me this past weekend and decided that we go to a jeweler he had found (on his own) in downtown Evanston (North Shore of Chicago) called Christopher Duquet (  I couldn't contain my happiness and I felt like a little kid, but I hid it very well Wink

The whole ride there I was super excited and so happy that he's finally getting ready to make that next step.  This is huge for him as you know from my previous post about the economy and his work and money...

We get there and the jeweler was SUPER nice and was not pushy at all.  She gave us all the time we needed and answered all of our questions.  Finally, we sat down with her and she sketched some designs based on our input for my e-ring.  She's a gemologist and was so helpful in explaining everything about their design process, the diamond itself, and her recommendations on what would look nice and what the best options were for the ring.

An hour later, we had the design and the setting price.  All that's left is for him to give her a call and let her know his budget and she'll go and find the diamond.  Oh, the suspense is killing me and I'm trying to be so patient.  There's a $500 deposit, then they go from there and it takes about 3-4 weeks to create the ring. 

When we walked back to the car I had asked him how he felt about the place and he said that he doesn't need to look any further!  When she had mentioned the $500 deposit, he had said he didn't have the cash on him at that exact minute, but he'd be calling her to begin the process.

I'm so excited and it's so hard for me to not wonder when this is all going to take place.  I know I need to be patient and enjoy it so the surprise isn't ruined, but this is a HUGE step and I just wanted to share as a follow-up to my last post.

Here's the style of ring we discussed, although, I'm sure the BF will be adding his uniqueness to it (which I welcome!):

I love the etching and weaving within the actual band itself...

I love the emerald diamond channel setting in this ring...

Basically, a combination of the two, if you can picture that one.

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Re: Slowly, but surely we're gettin' there...

  • HeartOverMindHeartOverMind member
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    Beautiful ring! And congrats to you and your BF!
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    I can't wait to see pictures when it's done.  Congrats hun!
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    Very exciting!  Looking forward to seeing the end result (and hearing the sweet way he comes up to propose - the proposal stories are always my favorite!).
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  • Elle1036Elle1036 member
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    How exciting!  I hope you get it quickly!
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    Very exciting!  I love the rings!
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  • TopazAngelTopazAngel member
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    Well, it looks gorgeous in my head! Congrats, that's so much fun!

    I'm impressed by your ability to stay calm on the long car ride. It only took us ten minutes to drive home from the jeweler, but I felt like I was going to start twitching from excitement, lol!
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    Beautiful ring! I'm with cate...can't wait to hear the proposal story! Those are also my favorite!
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    Thanks everyone!  I'll keep you all posted...  Believe me, the suspense is killing me with each day.
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