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I have a couple questions regarding ceremony music:

1 - I'm choosing my own music so about how long does each piece need to be? I'll have one for the grandparents/parents, bridal party (there's five girls in my party) and then me. I guess I would call the church aisle average size - not too long or short. The pieces I want are only a couple minutes long and I just want to make sure they're long enough.

2 - My absolute favorite book is Pride & Prejudice and I love the music in the 2005 movie version so I want to use those pieces for the ceremony. It's not exactly traditional ceremony music so do you think it will be odd that there's not a bridal march or something to "announce" me?

Thanks for your help!

Re: Ceremony Music Help

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    Most churches will let you come in and time the walk, that will help with Q one.  Just add in spacing times and such. There are a few programs out there you can use to shorten song (cut and fade the ending) this really only works well if the song doesn't have words. Email me ([email protected]) if you want to know about ones I've used or advise on how to go about editing songs, some have 30day free trails. 

    I'm walking down to Liz on top of the world!!  So yes I definitely think its fine!  That’s one of my favorite movies/books too!  At about 25 seconds in it peaks and it’s the perfect time to walk in.  I just cut some of the beginning out so ppl wouldn't have to wait half a minute for me to walk in.  Then I played with it for a while and found a way to extend it nicely since my isle is very long.

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  • aw, i'm using 'dawn' for the moms entrance....but that song would go well with you/your girls too.  it gets 'fancy' towards the middle which might work for your 1:30 into the song, maybe?

    the girls could be spaced closely together to speed things up =)
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