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3 Things: Completely Unrelated. lol

1. So the new layout is purdy, kind of slow, at least on my end. Has anyone found a browser it seems more compatible with? I'm not going to fuss about it anymore though because I'm sure in a week I won't even remember the old one. 

2. Anyway, today seems to be taking forever because I'm excited to go see Santa tonight with BF and get a picture taken for our Christmas card, I'll be sure to post the picture tomorrow.

3. Is anyone here friends with an ex-boyfriend? My best male friend (aside from BF) is my most recent ex, we lived together for 3 years, broke up mostly b/c of his lack of relationship knowledge and I coudln't get it through my head that he was kind of dumb, not being mean on purpose. We cut off contact for nearly a year and then grew as close as we had been before we'd even started dating. I got him a job where I work now and we carpool nearly every day. Most people seem to think this is super weird. I don't but I figured getting the NEY input would be a nice way to speed up the afternoon. If it makes any difference my best female friend is a girl who BF dated for a few months a year or so before we go together.
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Re: Random Mish-Mash of Thoughts

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    1. I think it's just slow in general - I use firefox and it's not too terrible but definitely slow

    2. I really want to see those pics!

    3. I am not friends with any of my ex's - they were all asshats and treated me badly. It sounds like you had an amicable breakup so I don't think it's too weird
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    1. So much lag for me... I hate that I can't get rid of the ads anymore.  Although the errors seem to be getting less as the day goes on.

    2.  Cool.

    3.  I find it a little odd, mostly because you dated for so long. But I guess what matters most is how your BF feels about it.  I tried being friends with an ex, but for a long time he still had feelings for me.  And so I cut off contact and we just naturally grew apart.  I haven't talked to him in over a year just because we have nothing in common anymore, and re-hashing the past is just weird.

    You being friends with your BF's ex doesn't bother me as much, mainly because it was for just a couple months. It couldn't have been that serious, really.
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    BF has absolutely no problem with me being friends w/my ex. They aren't really friends but that has more to do with the fact that they have absolutely nothing on common. They're nice to each other though.

    When we moved into our new apartment both of our exes and his exes bf helped us out a lot and at some points we'd just sort of look at each other and giggle wondering if we had the coolest or weirdes exs ever. lol For us it's an amusing thing.
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    I agree the weirdness comes from how long the relationship was, but if you and your BF are okay with it, then it's nobody else's business.
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    I am friends with a 2 ex's on facebook. I don't really ever talk to them and never see them. They're both from ages ago. One we broke up in 2002 and the other in 2004. FI has remained close to a few of his ex's. I'm not going to lie a few times I have gotten jealous over things surrounding them.
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    I'm good friends with some exes, less so with my most recent ex with whom I was serious but we do chat on gchat occasionally. 

    I just realized I'm answering this out of order but I only have a few minutes left at work and it remains doubful I will be able to open up any other post seeing as this one took me ten minutes to access.

    I do like certain things about the new layout, particuarly the fact that I can just start typing instead of having to click "reply."  Maybe it will encourage me to respond to more posts especially since 4,000 of my posts are missing from my post count.

    Anyway, that's all I got for now.  I have training tomorrow too.See ya'll in a few days...except for when I check to see how the knot works on my laptop at home.  Tongue out 
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    Not an ex boyfriend, but ex college sweet heart is marrying my best friend. (I  originally met him through her).   I thought it was weird the first time I saw them together, but realized the guy and I no longer had a connection and I couldnt have been happier for the both of them.

    Although I thought it was a bit strange when she sent me to go chapel hunting with him since she was busy too busy do it on that certain day.

    And even stranger that she had him deliver my diamond to the jeweler to put in my ring. (I live in Norway and had my diamond shipped to her).

    Actually neither was strange. It more just amused me, and made me reminisce about when I used to have drama in my life.

    I am in a happy healthy relationship, so is my friend with an ex, and really it has never been weird. Maybe it is because we were never that serious, but still I think it more has to do with the fact that for most people they grow up, get married and the drama stops or at least it should.
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    [Quote] for most people they grow up, get married and the drama stops.[/Quote]

    You'd think so but the marrieds I know are the worst causes of drama, probably what cured my BSC last year, not really in a rush anymore, just incase the drama in catching. lol
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    1. it is a little slow, not just you by the looks of things.

    2. i bet they'll be cute! i want to see!

    3. i was friends with an ex. he actually was one of my best friends until about 6 months ago. after this, i think i'm now a firm believer that you can't ever be JUST friends with an ex. everything with us was great and then out of nowhere he's like, "i still love you, i still want to be with you." after that, i was like "see ya!" i can't be friends with someone who harbors those kinds of feelings with the hopes that my relationship will fail and i'll come running back to him. plus, BF hates him. so, that's even more incentive to get rid of the friendship.
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    My best guy friend (other than boyfriend) is my last ex. We dated for about 3 years, and it was just a clean break up. We broke up once before that, and that was the terrible one. We didn't talk for months. Then for some stupid reason, we got back together. After that second time though, we just realized it wasn't going to work out for us. I mean, sometimes he says that he thinks that I was his ideal girlfriend and that he wishes he realized it then, but other than that, we don't make a big deal out of the fact that we dated. My boyfriend doesn't care at all. He never gets jealous of anything. He recently went to see a movie with one of his exes (I think they only dated for a few months about 5 years ago) alone. I was invited, but I didn't feel like going, so I told him to go without me. I dunno what it is about him, but I totally trust him. With my exes, I would go apeshit over the silliest things. Maybe I just matured a bit more? Maybe my boyfriend now is just that much more awesome? Who knows.
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    1. works fine for me... actually faster than the old one

    2. yay!

    3. the "wierdness" of this totally depends on the parties involved... which I think was covered.
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    1.  I have noticed it's running a little slow. Kind of a PITA, but I guess we'll just have to Knot around it...

    2. Oooh, fun! :) I love Christmas pictures. Was debating whether or not to do a Christmas picture card this year with the BF and the dog, but I honestly don't know when we'd have the time to do it.

    3. I don't think it's wierd to be friends with an ex, so long as that's all it is. I'm friends, or at least in contact with, all my exes, save for one (he's evil, enough said). One of my exes (my high school sweetheart) is actually one of my closest friends, has been for years. He and my BF get along great.

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    1.  Im having major issues with this running slow and keeps giving me error message every other time i post or open a new message

    2.  Im thinking about using the pic (once I see it!) that oceana took of us in disney dressed up bavaian style in front of the old skyride station in fantesy land LOL.  I bought cards last year that have picutre slots so I need a picture.  And I think that one could be funny

    Oceana - too bad we're going to santa's enchanted forest cause one of you and mike in the "bad sweaters" could be a priceless christmas card LOL

    3. I am not friends with any ex boyfriends - all relationships ended pretty badly.  However FI is friends with alot of his exes and that doesnt really bother me, since one of them (well ex fling) is my best friend, set us up and is my MOH.   
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