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AW: My last day of undergrad!! (PIP)

This is my last day at the HS I'm student teaching at, also my last day of undergrad. After 4 1/2 years I'm FINALLY done at 2:15 today!!

So my Music in Our Lives kids (the ones who I did the production of a scene from Toy Story with) got me the cutest gifts today! A Toy Story cup (with Woody, Buzz, Rex and an alien) aand the most adorable piggy bank with eyelashes and a Santa hat!

I'm so exhausted/hungover today (I had 3 drinks, I'm such a lightweight) but this really made my morning! The kids at this HS are just such good, sweet kids and I'll be sad to leave them.
And if the stormy weather came...I'd just kiss you in the rain... Daisypath Anniversary tickers image

Re: AW: My last day of undergrad!! (PIP)

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