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Role for sister??

Because I don't want my bridal party size to get out of control, I'm thinking of having just one, the maid of honor, come with me down the aisle. This will be my best friend. I do still want my sister to be included in the wedding somehow. At my brother's wedding, my sister and I contributed by doing readings which was nice, but does anyone have other ideas to consider?

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    mc for the reception?
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    [QUOTE]mc for the reception?
    Posted by *tiffbot*1985*[/QUOTE]

    I've never been to a wedding where the DJ didn't act as MC. I think it could go badly if someone had no experience with engaging an audience, announcing the order of the reception, etc, etc. I wouldn't go this route.

    I agree with having her as a BM or letting her do a reading. Otherwise, simply being a guest in an honor.
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    Thanks for the responses.
    Maybe I didn't word my first message exaclty how I meant it. My sister will not be a bridesmaid because I don't want her to be. That sounds harsh, but I don't mean it that way.  My sister and I have never  been that close, and I want to be able to specially honor that one friend who has always been with me.
    Still, she's my sister and I want her to be included. I will probably go with a reading and I was only looking for other options because I know she's not a huge fan of public speaking, although since it's in front of family that may be different...
    And you guys are definitely right, I don't want her tofeel burdened by a job so it's good to know what to stay away from.
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    I think letting her read a poem would be nice.My husbands sister(sounds weird) read a poem while my flower girls came down the aisle.
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