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vent...and how was everyone's Thanksgiving?

Wednesday night I went out with a bunch of my cousins and had too much to drink. I have been nauseous since 8:30 yesterday morning and it will NOT go away. No throwing up or anything, just feeling gross.

I had a great Thanksgiving regardless - ate yummy food (but no more alcohol for a while lol), saw my dad's side of the family, wore a turkey hat. Today my dad and I brought my grandma leftovers. It's been really nice to be home for the first time in over 4 months :)

So how was everyone's Turkey day? Did anyone brave the Black Friday crowds and get any good deals? Anyone have a good cure for feeling nauseous?
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Re: vent...and how was everyone's Thanksgiving?

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    tuarceathatuarceatha member
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    Crackers and ginger ale. Saltines are best. I've spent a good deal of my life nauseous. I get car sick and as I've gotten older more somewhat random things make me sick to my stomach. i.e. blood and gruesome stories. Not to mention my tolerance for alcohol has gone way down, and so it takes less to give me a hangover.

    Feel better soon!

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    SwazzleSwazzle member
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    I second Jen's ginger ale suggestion. Anything with ginger is good for nausea. 

    Feel better!!!

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