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Ring questions


I have a quick question. My boyfriend recently hinted (very obviously) that he is planning on proposing in the next few months coming. My question is how the ring situation works. Does he just pick out any ring to propose with or are we suppose to look together for one? I really don't know much about this. Any help would help.

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    Every couple does it differently. You should ask your BF what he would like to do. My BF wants to pick the ring out on his own but we did look at some rings together so he got a feel for what I like since I don't wear jewelry. Some girls are much more involved in picking their ring and some are not involved at all. There is no one answer for this.

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    I think that is an individual decision for you and your BF to make. I know some of the ladies here were very involved in picking out their rings, and some had no input at all.

    What would you prefer? Do you want to be totally surprised, or would you rather have some say? If you do want to go and look together, I would just mention to your BF that you would like to go and get an idea of what you like. I have heard from several people that what they thought they wanted totally changed when they actually tried rings on.

    If you don't want to actually look at rings with him, I would at least give him something to go on, such as which cuts, metals, styles, etc you like.

    Good luck!

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    Personally, I'd like to have some say but again, every situation is unique.
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    I agree with PPs, it really depends on what you and your BF want to do. My boyfriend and I both wanted the whole proposal to be a surprise to me, with him picking out the ring, when the proposal happens, and how it happens without any of my input. Some like picking out the ring together though and having the guy still plan a surprise proposal. Others like to show the guy a string of rings and let him choose ultimately which one he proposes with. While others, like my parents, pick the ring out together, don't have a big surprise proposal, and just decide they want to get married and go straight to the planning stage. It's up to you two really.
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    These ladies are wise. One night, casually mention that you are excited he's thinking about a future together and wondering if he would like your input on the ring or of he'd like to surprise you. That is also a good time to mention your 'must-haves'. I didn't want gold and i wanted a low profile ring, that was basically my only input.
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    Either one is fine. FI and I looked for rings together both in stores and online. I showed him what I like. Then he ended up giving me a ring that belonged to his grandmother which looks nothing like I would have picked out. But it's sentimental, so I like it anyway. Just do whatever works for y'all.
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    FI and I went shopping together and I gave him some ideas. In the end, he picked it out.
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    Like everyone above has said, it's different for everyone. 

    I had no idea FI had even purchased a ring when he proposed. We didn't talk about it beforehand. He's bought me jewelry in the past though, and generally knows what I like (since I wear jewelry - not just from him - everyday). I also didn't have a "dream engagement ring" in my head; I was pretty open to anything, and I love what he chose. He's also decided that he wants me to pick his wedding band (I'm buying them since he bought my e-ring). We'll go look together, but the final choice is up to me. 
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