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Avon Walk! (PIP)

Oh man I am hurting this morning but it is so so worth it!!  The walk was fantastic!!! I met so many amazing women along the route & had such a nice time.  I did a total of 26.2 miles.  I hyperextended my knee on Saturday so I had to stop at 13.1 that day which was ok because I think had I pushed myself to continue I wouldn't have been able to finish yesterday.  

Here are some pics: 

The crowd before Opening Ceremony on Saturday morning 

I stopped at Magnolia Bakery for a Pink Ribbon Cupcake along the route

Me at the half-marathon finish line on Saturday afternoon

I ran into a friend of my mom on Sunday around mile 2

I met 2 women at breakfast on Sunday who were also walking alone so we did the entire 13.1 together yesterday which was awesome

Me crossing the finish line!!  26.2 miles walked in total!

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