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Need help! Outdoor wedding question!

Hello everyone!

I need some help!  I'm getting married on 09/17/11 and we are having an outdoor ceremony.  My concern is that my dress will get dirty on the way to the gazebo that we are getting married in front of.  I was going to have an aisle runner but the wedding consultant at the wedding site stated that they are a safety hazzard.  Does anyone have any other ideas?  My dress has a train so I would rather not have to bustle it. 

Thanks in advance for your ideas! :)
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Re: Need help! Outdoor wedding question!

  • If you have flower girls you could have them carry your train, keeping it off the ground. Fo the front of the dress you could just delicately hold up the skirt, looking very dainty.
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  • Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it. For my first wedding, we took outdoor pics, with me walking all over the grass, for 2 hours before the actual ceremony. Not a drop of visible dirt or grass stain on it before I walked down the outdoor aisle.
  • Thank you ladies!  I appreicate the advice!  Happy planning! :)
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  • Our DD had an outdoor wedding.  She had a multitude of photos taken before the wedding, walking to several outdoor locations.  Then she had a VERRRRY long aisle to the arch where the ceremony was.  Then a VERRRY long walk back after the ceremony.

    Then a huge bunch more pictures all over the outdoor grounds.  Not any dirt, grass stains, anywhere.  I think you'll be fine unless it has poured rain in the last 18 hours. 

    Good luck.
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