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So I've been posting a bit on and off and I thought I'd introduce myself.  I've been enjoying the banter and interesting points of view that everyone has on this board.  I'm 33, my fiance is 35.  We live in London (he's British) but I'm from California and am getting married there in December. 

I love this board because I relate to so many of the struggles - I was in a five-year relationship from college onward, then a four-year relationship where we lived together - no ring at the end of either.  Then I met FI and I'm sooo happy it worked out the way it did.  Much older than I thought I'd be when I got married, but life worked out perfectly.  :)

I'm a lawyer.  I have two furbabies- Samuel and Foxy Brown, both rescue mutts, one a Pomeranian/Corgi (probably) and one Chihuahua/Jack Russell (maybe).  I love good wine, sharp cheese, and the fact that our first dance is going to be to Dancing Queen, because that is the first song we ever danced to, and he thought it'd be awesome of us to start the party like that.  Pleased to meet you.  :)
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Re: Hello

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    Hey Welcome!

    Furbaby pix?


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    There they are :) 
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    Welcome! Your furbabies are adorable :) What is it like living in London? I've always thought it would be so cool to live there :)
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    I have a corgi (actually, he belongs to my Dad, and unfortunately I don't live with him anymore), and he's the love of my life. Your dogs are super cute.

    How do you like it in England? What was the biggest adjustment when you moved over there? 
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    So have you had your official "Will you marry me?" moment yet?
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    Hi gals!  I love living in London.  I've been here a year.  The biggest transition is the weather - much colder and wetter than Los Angeles. 

    Thanks for the nice comments on my dogs.  :)  I love them more than life.  I'm so happy they're here - it was a huge process to get them across the pond. 

    I know this is controversial on this board, but we are planning the wedding and I haven't yet had my "will you marry me" moment with the ring.  He bought it, but it was going to take 6 weeks to be made/sized, and we had to start getting our parents and friends on board because it is such a long trip to the States from here, so we've booked our venue, minister, photographer, etc.  He's taking me on a surprise weekend trip over Easter, so I'll get to share my how-he-proposed story then.  :)  To answer according to the rules of the NEY board, we're engaged because we have a promise to marry each other in December.  But I don't have the ring or story about it yet.  :)))
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    You had me at loving wine and sharp cheese, and naming one of your pets Foxy Brown! Welcome!

    As far as the Will you marry me moment, you can still have that, but it sounds like you're engaged so congrats! I personally had two myself (unexpected! But I wasn't going to say no! Haha! The first was just the two of us with no ring. The next our parents were there and he surprised me with the ring, which I thought we were getting much later on! I said yes both times, of course!)

    I love London. Are you excited about the Olympics or is it a pain for you? Except for the massive congestion, it sounds like it'll be an amazing experience (I really think I was too young to appreciate it when the Olympics came to Atlanta).
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