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The Joys of Birth Control

I've had a puzzling couple of months.

I started a new birth control pill in May. I hadn't been on the pill for years, but needed to start Loestrin 24 to correct my anemia. The whole reason my gyno chose that pill is because it shortens your period down to 3 days or less, and makes it very light.

Well, it couldn't be that simple. I stopped having a period after the first couple of months. Which is hilarious, because I get all the symptoms-- cramping, moodiness, cravings, general unpleasantness. It's funky.

I haven't had sex in like..... years. So that leaves FI and I half-laughing every month when I get period symptoms and no bleeding. "You're not pregnant, right?" "Right."

I know there's no medical need to have a period, but this really bewilders me. I looked for info online and found that TONS of ladies on Loestrin have the same deal. I have a checkup with my gyno soon, so no biggie. I'm sure it's totally normal. It's just that I was prepared to have a period every 28 days (except when pregnant) until I'm like 50. So.............. it's weird not to.

Just thought I'd share my puzzlement with you and see if anyone else has crazy contraception-related stories to share.

Re: The Joys of Birth Control

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    I don't have any weird BC stories but I get really bad cramps about once a month around the time I would normally have a period if I wasn't on the BC that makes me only have periods every 3 months.
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    I went on BC because I was having my period every 2 weeks(and sometimes my period would last 2 weeks to a month and then about 2 weeks later I'd have it again..and other weird stuff like that). I was put on lowestrin and was on it for almost a year and then my insurance stopped covering it so they switched me to microestrin or something like that. But the last month I was on the lowestrin, I had my period twice that month. I had it when I was supposed to and a week-2 weeks before that. It happened every month with the  new BC. I am now on balziva.. I think that's what it's called. I was told to start taking it when I started my period(not when I was supposed to start) so I did and my stomach hurt every day and I was having the same symptoms of when I am on my period. My stomach doesn't hurt anymore though and I guess we will see if this regulates it.

    Oh and sorry if this is TMI
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    Jeana! I was on Loestrin 24 for about 3 years... then i had to change because i started having terrible cramps... sometimes even when i wasnt on my period...which was weird because i dont normally have cramps. So i made an appointment with gyno and turns out i have ovarian cysts. Now granted they are not a big deal to most women, they up your dosage or switch to a different kind and they deteriorate. Well luckily mine did and havent came back as far as we know. But the reason why i got so nervous about them was because my mother started having the cysts pop up here or there when she was about 21, they would come and go. Then instead of cysts, she got cerivical cancer and had to get one ovary removed. Then after she had my little brother. Two years after my brother was born the cysts popped back up and then came the cancer again. Luckily my mom didnt have to go through kimo but she ended up having to have a hysterectomy . My grandmother and my great aunt also have had the same thing happen to them so i'm trying my hardest to avoid it and praying  everyday that it doesnt happen to me...
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    I got my BC specifically BECAUSE I didn't want my period anymore. Mirena IUD for the win! Haven't had a period in almost 2 years and life is gooooood :D

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    I have been on Seasonique for about 2 years. Because of an insurance thing I have been without it for almost a month. In that month I have been happier (bf mentioned it last night), my body feels better, and let's just say I'm more interested in bedroom things than I have been in a long time! I dread this week though because the reason I went on BC in the first place was for my amazingly heavy and painful periods. I am assuming I'll get it this week so we'll see what happens.

    I think it's time to call my gyno and see what they think!

    (oh, side note, insurance has been straightened out and I should be getting my prescription in the mail in a day or two)
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    I have been having battles with various forms of bc since my endo diagnosis. The last few months, I've been on continuous bc to try and prevent the endo from flairing up after sugery. I'll still have all the symptoms (bloating, crampiness, etc., but no cycle). However, this past month, I had the symptoms and started spotting...and haven't stopped for about three weeks straight.....grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Called the doc and he says it's not out-of-the-ordinary for continuous BC, but I made an appt to get it checked out in two weeks regardless. What a pain the arse.

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    Man, what a pain!

    Dang hormones and their messing with stuff! *fist shake*
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    It may or may not be medically necessary to have a period, and there is research out there that discusses the benefits of actually having "normal" menstruation, and so forth, however that does not mean it is better for all women. However, I will say that I feel weird when I don't have one even if it is inconvenient :)

    I was on the pill for many years (about 10-11) - and chose to go off it due to concerns about the hormones (combined with being at higher risk for breast cancer due to family genetics). I never really had a BAD experience with the pill, though I noticed after several years my emotions felt a bit "dulled" and my libido slowly subsided - I still wanted sex, however it was more difficult to get excited about it which was weird for me. My periods on the pill were 2-3 days long and super light. But, I don't know, I just did not feel "right" I guess.

    Anyway, I switched to the non-hormonal IUD about four years ago. I love it. My periods are now 5-6 days and heavier (but no cramps to speak of) but I feel far more alive and emotionally "present". And my libidio is raring again.  I sometimes get a couple more zits than I used to on the pill too, but given I am 30, I don't actually mind that sometimes my body thinks I am still a teenager ;) I just FEEL better and it is difficult to explain as when I was on the pill I did not even think I felt bad, I just noticed it as I came off of it.

    When it comes to hormonal birth control, I am in the "never again" camp. Not as I had bad side effects or bad mood swings, but rather as it just "dulled" my emotions and senses. No thanks.

    I have learned birth control is incredibly personal and what works for one definitely does not work for another. I just really think that women need to really educate themselves thoroughly about the pros, cons, risks and benefits of each as in my experience, often the medical community seems to have the idea that what they have been told by drug companies is gospel (i.e. the pill does not cause that) even if it means they dismiss the concerns or experiences of real women.
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    Wow, ok. I mean.... I don't really know what to say about all that. I was just sighing about the craziness my BC is causing, but the fact of the matter is, I HAVE to be on it for medical reasons. Some women do.

    There's just really no debate there.

    I'm glad you feel good about your current contraception method. Everybody should.
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    I definitely realize some women do. Which is why I said birth control is incredibly personal for each woman.  I also know women that MUST be on the pill.  I also know some women who have had horrible experiences with the IUD.

    It was not a personal attack on you or your method of birth control. Nor was it a promotion of mine for others to use. I was sharing my own experiences with birth control methods as I believed your question was posed for others to share their own contraception-related stories. So mine was.....I just did not like being on the pill, and neither did my body (even though lighter periods was a nice side effect, as was the no-acne). And, I want something more reliable (and fun) than having to resort to condoms in a long-term relationship. So, after a lot of research, I went with the IUD. That is my story. Period (pun intended).
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