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What about you?

Well if there are any NYE people actually on here anymore here we go...

Where would you want to get engaged
Does it matter the words he uses
Whats the one thing you would not want him to do

Re: What about you?

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    Well mine would be...

    I dont care where it is.. doesnt have to a tropical island...for all i care it could be our living room..

    To me it doesnt matter what he says before hand but i would like for him to say those wonderful 4 words.

    Ask me at a sporting event.. we both like football but arent like diehard fans of anything plus we're rivals as far as teams go.. I'm a tennessee fan and he's a bama that wouldnt work. Or sticking the ring in food... like it in a cupcake.. i want my ring to be clean Lol
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    It doesn't matter where he does it or what he says.
    And now that you mention it.. I don't think I would want my ring in food. I surprisingly haven't given it much thought.

    It seems like it is going to happen soon though. He admitted that my ring is "done" and all figured out. I'm not sure what that means, but it sounds good to me. He said it was going to be "soon", but to most guys soon isn't the same as "soon" to girls.
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    I really didn't want FI to do it in public.  I'm so glad that he listened.  
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    I don't have a major preference as to where he proposes. I would like it to be intimate though.

    I want him to say whatever he feels. He's not a poet or anything so I don't expect a long profession of his love for me. Knowing me, I'll probably burst into tears as soon as I realize what's going on and won't hear him anyway!

    I don't want it to happen on a jumbo-tron. That's about it.
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    I just begged him not to do it in public/with an audience.  He listened.
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    Midnite.. hopefully you're right and maybe his soon is the same as yours this time.... Mine on the other hand with be pretty far off i believe... We talked last week alot about the time line and more than likely it will happen in 2 years.. (he has to get into law school first) also we talked about the whole popping the question thing and he was telling me he already knows how he will do it..then a few ways he would never do it. Lol we actually joked about the jumbo tron lol
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    A) pretty much anywhere but the bathroom, unless we're in the shower lol

    - I want him to use my name. He usually just calls me 'baby,' which is fine, but honestly I feel so lucky that we found each other that sometimes I feel like I must be in someone else's life.
    - I also want a specific question, such as "Will you marry me?" or "Would you be my wife?"
    -Third, I'd like some sort of verbal expression. He's not verbally expressive emotionally, so it would be a treat to hear about what's going on inside, instead of just seeing it on his face or in his actions. But it's not a must.

    C) I don't want it stuck in food (or put in some other place in which I could be dense and eat it or break it!)
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    i dont really care where or what words he uses, just as the words "will you marry me?" are in there somewhere.

    i really dont want to be in front on a bunch of people, on a jumbo-screen at a sporting event, or in my food [i read that thing about the guy that put her ring in a wendy's frosty and she swallowed it. i dont think i would have worn that ring after i got it back out the other end!]
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    Hahahahaha, ewwww I can't imagine passing an engagement ring...

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    I don't really care where he does it, as long as it's somewhere kinda intimate (on our walks, at home; something like that. Not like the middle of the grocery store or something :P)

    I don't care what he says either, as long as something like, "Will you marry me?" or "Will you be my wife?" or something is in it. I'd like him to take it somewhat seriously too. He's a jokester but this is one thing I'd like him to be serious about. I kinda also hope he'll get on one knee. 

    Preferrably not around a huge crowd. Some people would be OK, but not a big ole audience. I don't want the food thing, either cuz I'd likely eat it.

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    I don't care where he does it as long as it's a special place to us (and we don't have a huge audience).  The one thing I hope is that he says something like "Paige, will you marry me?" Or atleast uses my name in it give me shivers when he says my name! I just lurve it!!!

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    The only thing I care about is that no one else is around. I want it to be private. Other than that he can throw the ring box at my head and say whaddya think? and I wouldn't care.
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    I don't care, it could be on a nudist beach and I would be thrilled. I don't need a ring, But I would like to be asked. 

    With that being said, he has always said that the proposal is his thing and that he wants to plan it. So it better be awesome, b\c we're at close to 4 years of anticipation. 
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    I don't care where we get engaged.

    The words he uses matters to me. I dont mean i want some cheesy "you had me at hello" lines. I just want him to say what he feels and to be himself. He's not the type to give some lovey dovey speech. He's more a of a cute, quirky, sweet, funny guy and i love that.

    The only thing I wouldnt want him to do is ask me when he's drunk. lol. I would feel like it doesnt count.
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    I honestly don't care where I get engaged! Could be anywhere in the world...with the exception of a few places, named below. I'd rather it be more private though. 

    I want to hear the words, "Will you marry me?", but beyond that I don't care. 

    The main things I DO NOT want to happen would be: I DO NOT want to get engaged in front of my family, and I told BF that (he seemed surprised...glad I mentioned it). I also DO NOT want a jumbo-tron proposal - yikes! Not a fan of the food proposals either.
    He pretty much had me at "hello".
    -- PS I agree with whatever Jeana said --
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    In Response to <a href="">What about you?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Well if there are any NYE people actually on here anymore here we go... Where would you want to get engaged Does it matter the words he uses Whats the one thing you would not want him to do
    Posted by Amberjg[/QUOTE]

    I'd prefer to get engaged at home, or at least somewhere semi-private. No big public scene.

    No words other than the traditional "Will you marry me" are necessary.

    I would not appreciate a joke proposal, or one of those situations where some girls' BFs fake them out.
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    I could honestly care less where he did it, but the beach would be pretty sweet.

    I would like him to speak from the heart, whether that's a big long speech or simply, "I love you, will you marry me?". As long as it's coming straight from the heart, that's all I really want to hear.

    I would really not like there to be a huge crowd (like proposing over an airplane intercom or at a sporting event, etc.). If a small group of friends or family are there, that's totally fine (and actually kinda sweet), but a huge crowd would be a bit too nerve-wracking for me.

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    Definitley have to chime in since I am one of the NYE gals!

    I'm not sure where I would want to get engaged. As long as it is not in a public place where I am in front of a crowd then I'm fine. I don't mind public as in a restaurant or a theme park but I don't want to be at a fair or anything where I am brought up in front of a crowd for a surprise engagement. I hate crowd and would be more concerned about people watching than what he would be doing or saying.

    As for words, I'm not too particular. Knowing him, it would probably be a bit cheesy but it's one of the things I have come to love about him. As long as he says something along the lines of actually asking me to marry him....oh yeah and gets down on one knee! That's important to me!

    Although recently I have been thinking that I am going to be waiting longer for a proposal then I had hoped. I have a feeling he is going to wait until he is in a more secure job. He makes decent money as a substitute mail carrier but it is not stable hours. He is the kind of guy who wants to be able to provide for me and I think that he wants a fulltime, secure position before we get married. Which is smart in his case but we are waiting to have sex until we get married so it is becoming difficult LOL. Oh well, this is all definitely teaching me patience!

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