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Venue Help - Please

So my fi and I are getting married in a Catholic Church on 6-23-12 well he said since we are doing the church rout that he wants the reception outside at our home.  Our house has a gorgeous country setting and is only like 5 minutes from the church the only problem with this is it would be outside in the middle of June In Kansas, and Kansas weather does not always cooperate.  In June the chances of it being way to hot are way to high and the chance of a summer rainy stormy day are also pretty high in June as well. My question is how should i go about getting my FI to understand that we really need to find a banquet hall to hold the reception in for the following reasons 
1. unstable weather
2. I do not deal with being hot or sweaty at all
3. we both have a lot of elderly family members that would just be uncomfortable with the heat.
4. I really do not want the pressure of having to prepare or home and land for this big even that just seems like a whole lot of unneeded stress right before our big day!
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so Much 

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