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Please help me with my programs!!

I have two questions about programs that I hope you lovely ladies can help me with!

My father is deceased, and he will be remembered in the "in Memory" section of the program. My Mom has a wonderful boyfriend; they have been dating for almost 6 years and they live together. They are not engaged, and I don't know if they will ever get married. My fiance and are are close to my Mom's BF, and so are my brothers; he has been a father figure to us in the years since my Dad passed away. I really want to include him on the wedding program, but I don't know how. Instead of writing "Mother of the Bride" and then my Mom's name should I list both their names as "Parents of the Bride"?  Or any other ideas?

The second question is about listing the Grandparents. We are getting married out of state, and my Fiance's grandfathers will not be able to attend. We do not have any grandmothers between the two of us. Should I still list the grandpas names even if they will not be at the wedding?

Thanks in advance for any help!!

Re: Please help me with my programs!!

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    Maybe you could simply print something like: 

    "Family of the Bride...
        Sally XYZ, Joe ABC

    However, if you feel like he is a dad to you, put "Parents" on there!  I have one remaining grandparent who is remarried, and I will be writing "Grandparents of the Bride."  My fiance has one remaining grandparent who has a girlfriend that he sort of lives with sometimes, but I don't think we will be including her on the program.  More unforeseen program questions to determine with my fiance...
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    I like the idea of listing your mother and her SO under "family of the Bride". 

    Or you could do "Mother of the Bride ..... Mrs. Jane Smith
                             Mother of the Bride's escort.... Mr. John Doe

    If the Grandfathers will not be in attendance, then I would not list them.  Unless you want to honor them and are going to send them a program as a souvinir.  But I would guess they''d prabably rather have some photographs. 

    Programs are to list the wedding party and order of events, not a study in geneology or a family tree.
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