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No parents in the receiving line?

Re: No parents in the receiving line?

  • It's up to you. If parents are the hosts of the wedding, I would include them. But we hosted our own wedding and our parents were not in the receiving line.
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    It depends on how involved the parents are in hosting.

    DH & I had our folks attend as guests, so they weren't involved in greeting all the guests.

    TBH, I'm at the wedding of the couple to see the couple, so I'm usually happy to not have to shake hands with the parents and bridal party that I don't know well. JMHO, as I'm not big on small talk, etc.
  • Our parents will be there.  My parents (mostly mom) are helping pay for the wedding.  Even though FI's parents aren't paying for anything, we're still having them stand in line because family is more important to my FI and I than anything else.  Regardless of who paid, we want to honor them for being our parents.  We haven't 100% decided, but we will probably just have our MOH and BM up there in the line as well so it doesn't take too long.  I've been to long receiving lines, and they can be really awkward.  But I think having parents with you is acceptable and really nice :)  Do whatever you're comfortable with.

  • I think FI and I are going to do just FI and I - I hate trying to make small talk/hug random strangers like the parents or the BP. Plus my mom doesn't want to stand for that long. My parents are hosting, but tbh, I don't see standing in the receiving line as a way to honor them. Totally up to you though. I think some parents really like the idea of standing in the receiving line, so if mine were like that it wouldn't be a hill I'd die on.
  • My parents hosted our wedding, so they were incuded in the receiving line.  H's parents wanted to be in the receiving line, too, so all parents were involved.  We also had our BM and MOH in the receiving line, but not the rest of the WP.
  • My parents hosted the wedding and were in the receiving line.  They wanted to say thank you to everyone coming also. MIL didn't host or pay, but she was there also.  NBD.    

    Our recieving line doubled as the line to the bar.  No really small talk going on.  It was kiss-kiss, hug-hug or shaking of the hand and then off to the bar they went.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • Thank you all.
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