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Shove it where the sun doesn't shine!

That is exactly what I am about to do with FI's Playstation!!  I don't know about you ladies but I don't like to compete, especially with a darn video game.  We all know that I'm in a LDR, so our phone time at night is quite precious.  Last night we were in the middle of a conversation and then all of a sudden he started getting quieter and quieter.  I finally asked him what on earth he was doing..and of course he was playing Playstation!  I then said I'd just get off the phone so he could play and he insisted he could do both at once.  Oh give me a break!  I stayed on the phone a few more minutes then finally told him good night since I felt like I was talking to a brick wall.  His response "Oh, well, I guess if you really want to let me go..then good night".  Oh if I didn't love that man so much I could just smack him I swear.

This is where the hulk bride comes into play, I believe.

Re: Shove it where the sun doesn't shine!

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    That bites, I'm sorry.  I'm all for having alone time to do whatever nerdy thing you want to do...but you guys are long distance and presumably have lots of alone time anyway.  I say you set up phone dates where you have a scheduled call and devote yourself 100% to that time.
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    Exactly.  I'm all for alone time aswell, because I happen to love my ME TIME.  So he knows that when I get home from work and settled, I typically spend a good hour or two reading and then our schedule has been that he always calls between 9-9:30 to talk before I go to bed.  So it just baffled me that he felt he needed to play his video game right when he was talking to me... And it's not like I called him and interrupted him playing, he actually called me.  Sheesh. Men.
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    I have an easy solution! Buy yourself a PS (2? 3?) and play WITH him!

    When FI and I were long-distance we played online computer games together and it was fantastic! It gave us something to DO together. Of course, you won't be LD for much longer... but the video game beast is one you'll have to either beat or join.... or live in misery.

    It still bugs me, and I like video games. FI and I have agreed that when I'm home doing homework and stuff, he'll play RPGs that I enjoy watching. I can help him solve puzzles, he'll ask me what choices he should make, what team members to bring, etc. He even lets me choose his armor colors (I chose pink and purple for Mass Effect 2. It's so badass).

    When I'm not home or I'm occupied in another room (upstairs reading, or in the kitchen cooking) he plays his shooting games, which I HATE. I hate the noise. Ugh.

    When I wasn't in school, we played together. I prefer PC games like World of Warcraft and Guild Wars. But I also like to play things like Fable on the XBox 360. Once I graduate in a couple of years (or actually have free time.... if that happens before graduation) I'll pick up gaming again. It's awesome to have something to do together.

    Of course, some guys apparently think women in gaming are trespassing on their manly time... but my FI is thrilled that I'll play. And his friends think it's awesome, too.
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    DH and I never really had that problem when we were LD but we also are big gamers so we just played WOW together and chatted that way. When we did talk on the phone it was always as we were going to bed so neither of us was in the middle of a game though. But yeah that sucks that he did that - I'd probably be a bit peeved if I was in your shoes.
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    Hi-five, Sapphire!

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    I totally get this! It sucks!

    BF LOVES his PS3...but I agree with Jeana - I've learned to like some of the games he plays.  And it was really fun to play together when we were LD! Give it a might like it!

    Or do what I do when it really gets to me... "Put the video game away or I will blast some Lady Gaga."   That usually makes mine stop;)

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    We're talking about getting back into it again since we finally have internet Smile
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    I am so so glad that my FI is not into video games at all. We do want a Wii, but that is something we can do together.
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    Ugh, that's annoying. I'm sorry. BF is really into video games as well. I have learned to like some games. You could always buy one and play online with him and talk over headsets. And I think it would be good to set up phone dates.
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    Jeana - Oh, I actually loooove to play and totally enjoying playing with him (er, that sounded bad, I like that too though LOL), but it's a bit different when he's trying to do it while having a phone conversation with me.  The online gaming thing might be a fun thing for us to try out though - thanks for the suggestion!

    LOL Paige!  I'll try that one next time, I think just thought of hearing Lady Gaga will make him turn it off.

    Thanks for listening to my rant girls!
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    I want to get a Wii too loopy - those are a friggin' BLAST!  I play with my nephews all the time - although I tend to get overly excited and practically throw my shoulder out when playing baseball or bowling.
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