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Venue!! PIP

Well, last night while being bored and searching for a venue, I found this. I decided to set up an appointment. It's lovely. Seriously. I am so incredibly happy with it. Food is SO reasonable too. And best part is, there are pretty lights all over the ceiling (Christmas icicle lights), which when they are turned on will be so nice. I'm super duper excited. It's just as expensive as just doing it at the local community center (which was the original plan to save money).  We may even have the ceremony outisde now on the golf course. The only issue with this is that there is a farm right next door and it smells like cow. But hey, still an option.  I was having trouble being excited about the wedding again- just dreading planning it all over again. But not anymore! :) Soo, here it is. :) We're going to go over some price stuff to decide if we want to have the ceremony there or not, and plan to book it this week.

There is also a fireplace over there if you can see it- it's on the far wall. Which, if it rains is the back up place for the ceremony the owner said.

Me being all excited about all of those windows:

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