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I'm the bride and a violinist...should I play?

I'm getting married in June 2012. I've been a violinist since age 11, and music is hugely important in my life. I know this is an unusual concept, but I was considering performing a piece during the ceremony--short and sweet, maybe about 2-3 minutes...I was thinking "Traumerei" by Schumann.

Now, I have lots of musician friends and already know some who will be playing all the other music for the ceremony...this would just be one piece that I'd play as a soloist with them accompanying me.

I've seen lots of ceremonies in which there's a featured piece of music performed--by a vocalist or a quartet or something. I thought me playing would add a personal touch and give me a chance to express myself to my husband and my family/friends.

IS THIS IDEA LAME/CHEESY/WEIRD??? Please be honest with me!!
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