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Still lurking... but....

I just had to share something funny I overheard at work today...
I was in the work room running some copies (it is right next to the lounge and all that separates the two is a 1/2 wall) and heard a co-worker talking about how she'd already started getting things "all set" for the wedding. The other lady commented on how "brilliant an idea" it was and how she was "cutting costs" doing a little here and there.  The first woman also added that she thinks her BF might propose tonight. (I had about 500 copies to run, so I got to snoop for a while. Lucky me.)

I feel horrible but I had to fight back a snicker. I'd never actually met or have known anyone who had planned for a wedding before they were engaged, but I guess the BSC really do exist! Although I usually just read the posts made here - I don't usually have much original content to contribute - I thought y'all would get a chuckle out of this.

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Re: Still lurking... but....

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    With the engagement ring should come some sort of intelligence test.
    I'm not good at feelings.

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    Even though I've been on here for ages I'm still always surprised when something like this happens in real life.
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    Audgie - I agree with you on that. LOL.

    Kelly - Yeah, I've been lurking here since early Janurary, and have read things about people being BSC, but I hadn't ever actually seen or heard of anyone with this "condition" in real life. I guess I just thought the idea of planning a wedding with a guy that hasn't even asked yet a bit silly... and spending money on said wedding... well that is just crazy! BSC to be matter-of-fact.

    Yaga - Oh that made me laugh! I think you pretty much took the words out of my mouth on that one. ^__^
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    Oh gosh, I know right? It is totally crazy to actually hear a real bsc person in real life. haha.

    One of my coworkers has her wedding planned out. And she's not engaged. It's a little overboard. 
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    People be crazy.

    One of my friends admitted to me the other day that she has her whole wedding planned out. She doesn't even have a BF...
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    Life is good today.
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    Polka- WOW! The entire thing planned out? Hopefully she doesn't have much (or ANY) money sunk into the wedding, and at least has a BF. I guess on the BSC scale that would be less crazy... though still BSC.

    Beads - That takes the cake I think, along with the bride-not-so-soon-to-be that has also bought her wedding dress but doesn't have a BF. Besides, I would imagine planning a wedding by yourself isn't nearly as fun as planning it with your FI (or at least someone else - MoH, BM, sisters, mothers, etc.)

    I guess I really shouldn't be so shocked though. I saw an episode of SYTTD (or GMG) a while back, where they were having a blowout sale and there was a woman there shopping for a dress and didn't even have a BF. Trust me, I understand buying things for a bargain... but a wedding dress THAT far in advanced... hopefully her style doesn't change, or her body size (alterations can only take a dress so far), or a ton of other reasons. Perhaps this was the first time I'd ever recognized someone as being BSC... though with TV you can never fully trust that it is "real", and I would assume BSC could bring in some ratings? Ha.
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    I'm right there with you. The other day my coworker started talking about how her BF better propose soon and how the ring better be at least 2 carats and how her parents better pay for the entire wedding... I couldn't even help myself. I laughed at her, out loud, and told her she had very wishful thinking.
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    In Response to <a href=" Topic Wedding BoardsForum:136Discussion:3d2ececb-31db-4e82-814d-41e073965d29Post:bfe2c26e-43f8-4a88-b147-86e161204c4a">Re: Still lurking... but....</a>:
    [QUOTE]I'm right there with you. The other day my coworker started talking about how her BF better propose soon and how the ring better be at least 2 carats and how her parents better pay for the entire wedding... I couldn't even help myself. I laughed at her, out loud, and told her she had very wishful thinking.
    Posted by loves2shop4shoes[/QUOTE]

    Please tell me you pointed while laughing. Please.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Still lurking... but....</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Still lurking... but.... : Please tell me you pointed while laughing. Please.
    Posted by beanbot2002[/QUOTE]

    Sadly, I did not.
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    What I don't understand is the "cutting cost" argument. Whether you pan something in February, or you plan something in September, wouldn't they, theoretically, cost the same? 

    To me people just want to plan, they just want to book before their "OMG! DREAM VENUE" is booked up (by another BSC pre-planning girl) they just want to get started on a PPD. There's no "cost cutting." at all, unless there's a 15% discount for booking a photographer 3 years in advance. Sigh. 
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    Yaga - That is absolutely silly. I would assume that if you were checking out wedding venues WITH your boyfriend *eyeroll* then you're at least expecting something. SMH Some people I guess...

    Shoe - Unbelievable! I'll never understand why people want to sound like a spoiled brat. I would have laughed too. I won't bash gals who do get a 2 ct ring - there are some pretty good deals on 2ct T.W. rings (my cousin just bought a 2ct T.W. for his soon-to-be *hopefully* fiancee), and yes, I know at least one girl with a 2ct rock. It is a pretty stunning ring. The difference? She didn't demand it. As for her parents paying for the whole thing? Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't the age of the parents paying for their daughter's wedding a bit outdated? Perhaps contributing, but as far as I am concerned, when you're planning a wedding you should plan to pay for it yourself, and any extra you're given should be sincerely appreciated (not expected.).

    Liv - Your story made my stomach knot up. While I am certainly not against getting married in your early 20s, I have seen first hand what grad school can do to a relationship. My friend rushed to be married before her FI started grad school, and apparently she "never saw him" because he was overwhelmed with work and she, her new job.  Granted, I've seen it work too... but I think you need to be a strong couple.
    I agree with you 100% You should take the time to plan your wedding once you're planning on getting married. I'm not married, nor engaged (though I do have a BF of almost 5 years), and I haven't the slightest clue what colors I would even want. (I actually found this site doing a NWR search, and became caught up in my lurking ^__^) TBH I am putting it off until I HAVE to start planning... To those girls that are planners, I am the anti-planner. My moto "Things will fall into place... eventually." True, I'm a procrastinator, and I plan on fixing that - tomorrow. ^_~
    As for your boss, clearly she didn't really want your opinion. Sounds like she just wanted to hear what she wanted to hear, and when you didn't share her mindset, she just wrote you off.

    Danie - Neither do I. I believe you are theoretically correct, though if one were to calculate the cost of inflation, you might save yourself a few cents? But then that is just splitting hairs! I couldn't imagine what goes through the minds of the BSC when they put down any amount of money towards a wedding that MIGHT not happen. Perhaps they think they are "cutting costs" because if they buy it BEFORE they get engaged it isn't included in the "Wedding Budget". (This made me giggle-snort.)

    As for an update on my co-worker... NO RING! He didn't propose! I just HAD to ask her how her valentine's went. (Yes, I couldn't help myself!) They had a "wonderful" night out! Alas, he didn't pop the question - but is that going to deter her from her BSC? I bet not.

    BTW, if I ever become BSC, I do hope someone walks up with a stick and beats me with it. Perhaps send some of those red-eyed unicorns (or something like that) after me.

    TL;DR - I just typed a lot of my opinions and told a few stories. Also, the co-worker didn't get her proposal.
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    edited February 2012

    **EDITED AGAIN****
    Sorry for the double post.... Guess my previous message just took a while to post.

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