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I hope BF isn't a party pooper

We're going to his cousin's wedding tomorrow and I hope he can have some fun.  His aunt got married last summer and at her reception he didn't want to dance or do anything. Then he didn't want to dance with his mom when she asked him which made her upset and go cry in the bathroom (she's very very VERY irrationally emotional, but that's a whole other can of worms). So then I got mad at him for being a d**k to her. Once everything smoothed over and we started actually having a good time, it was almost time to So yeah, I just want to get dressed up and have a good time with the BF.

Anyone else's SOs not big into dancing or anything that you would like them to be?
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Re: I hope BF isn't a party pooper

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    csousa1csousa1 member
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    At the wedding BF and I went to last weekend, he disappeared for 40 minutes with some buddies, kept running off to chat with the groom's cousin who he had just met and they loved each other, and when he finally asked me to dance (because I REMINDED him that he said he would), it was to a freakin' Boys 2 Men song. I was less than thrilled with his wedding behavior. I tried to keep in mind, though, that it was his best friend's wedding, and he was seeing people that he never gets to see.

    I would suggest not letting your assumption that he might be a party pooper get to you before it is actually fulfilled. In other words, sometimes when we assume someone will act a certain way, we treat them like they are acting that way before they actually are. Try not to do that, because it will just make him worse. Try to loosen up, and enjoy being around other people and chatting it up. Your comfort and ease will rub off on him :) Have fun!

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    elanniselannis member
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    I've only been to one wedding with BF and he did pretty well, but he didn't know anyone either so he didn't have any distractions. We did dance once. I would have danced more, but it's gotta be funny to watch because you can tell he doesn't dance much. At all. My mom took a picture while we were dancing and he looks stiff as a board and totally out of his element. I think it's cute though. Maybe some alcohol should be thrown into the mix next time to loosen us up, lol. That could work for your guy too maybe?

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    IrishDreamerIrishDreamer member
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    Haha, sorry, i find it amusing because I'm usually the one that doesn't dance, and he does. I have NOOOO rhythm at all...but I make concessions and will slow dance, etc... we have only gone to one wedding together, one which i was in the WP. We were all over the place mingling.

    I would recommend by voicing your desire to dance, etc before you go, and  don't go into it thinking he's gonna be a butt... go into it with the attitude you guys are gonna have a blast, Csousa is usually rubs off! :)
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    Thanks ladies =) I will try to remember to give him a chance and not expect him to be lame...
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    cu97tigercu97tiger member
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: I hope BF isn't a party pooper</a>:
    [QUOTE]BF doesn't love dancing, but I can usually get him to do it at weddings. <strong>Typically his willingness to dance is directly proportional to the amount of alcohol that he has consumed.</strong> I am fairly certain he wouldn't dance at a dry wedding (but then again, neither would I). 
    Posted by LivLeighton[/QUOTE]

    <div>This! Anytime we go to a wedding I remind him that we HAVE to at least slow dance. It's the thing I look forward to most. The good thing is that he doesn't mind if I get up and dance. I just can't help myself!</div>
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