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I need some help with the timeline for our wedding. I wanted the ceremony to begin at 5pm, but there is another function at the church site that will be happening around 7:30pm and doors open at 6:15. I would think we would be out of the church in time. Does anyone have any ideas on a timeline for ceremonies beginning either at 4:30pm or 5pm? All help would be appreciated :)

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    Thank you so much for the help- Here are a few answers to your questions... We are having someone play a violin and quartet. So, we will probably have a a couple of songs played as well.  We will be having a unity candle. There are 4 BM, 5 GM, both sets of parents, and grandparents that will be walking down, pictures after, will be a little religious.
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    i would say i would have it at four thirty to be safe since picutres will be after (would really stink to not get all the pictures you want because ppl are kicking you our or you are getting rushed to hurry), and it really doesnt seem you are wanting a short one, i would hate for people to start walking in, music can take a while with the walking down and everything... better safe than sorry is how i would look at it :) GOOD LUCK!
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