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Short ceremony ideas

I need ideas for planning a short, informal, and preferably non-traditional ceremony that will still be "enough" for our approximately 200 guests (many of who will be traveling from out of town).  Both my fiance and I want a casual wedding -- we're mainly focused on having friends/family together, but neither one of us are interested in traditions like walking down the aisle, having a long ceremony with readings, etc. We would be content with a private -- just us and parents/siblings -- wedding in front of a judge followed immediately by a big afternoon barbecue/picnic reception, but are concerned that people won't travel across the country if they aren't at the actual ceremony, and really want our friends to be there.  Does anyone have thoughts about how to conduct a wedding ceremony that is short, but not so short as to be weird?  How long should it be?

Re: Short ceremony ideas

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    H and I wrote our own ceremony.  Like PP, we just found stuff online that we liked, copy/pasted and that was that.  Our ceremony was probably only 10 minutes.  We had one reading.  It was nice.
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    You only NEED the vows, and if you used the traditional ones that'll probably take 10 minutes. I don't think people would want to sit through readings that you did't really want to have just to fill time.
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