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End of 2011 thoughts...

Top 5 things I've learned this year:
1) Family will always be there for you, no matter what.
2) True friends can go long periods without seeing each other & pick up right where they left off.
3) Love, true love can get through anything, but not without effort.
4) I am turning out more like my Mother everyday, and I am completely okay with that.
5) Going UP a size doesn't have to be a bad/sad thing.

Top 5 things I'm looking forward to in 2012:
1) Getting an awesome new job.
2) Graduating!
3) Bradley starting kindergarten.
4) Eating healthier.
5) Looking at houses with BF.

What about you?
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Re: End of 2011 thoughts...

  • Top 5 things I've learned this year:
    1) Once people decide they don't like you it's not worth your time to try to change their mind
    2) If you set your expectations too high you are setting yourself up for failure.
    3) I never want to move back to my home town
    4) Making time to relax and destress is important
    5) I'm not going to be really happy until I lose weight so I need to make it happen.

    Top 5 things I'm looking forward to in 2012:
    1) Getting engaged
    2) Starting Grad. school
    3) Finding a job
    4) Losing weight
    5) Making new friends

  • I can't say I really learned anything this year, but I know next year I'm looking forward to more school. I couldn't really get into the whole school thing this year because of an exam I had to write for work (I passed so I get to keep my job. YAY!). I'm also hoping there will be a proposal sometime in 2012. If there isn't BF and I will have to have a little talk... I think I might also look for a new job in 2012 also. I'm not super happy at my current job and I've heard rumors about some big changes that are going to make my job totally sucktastic...
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  • Top 5 things I've learned this year: 
    1) I do enjoy playing video games
    2) my brother and sister have awesome SO's.
    3) Engagement ponies are very expensive BF is saving up & it take times (lol)
    4) Producing a musical is very stressful
    5) I love cooking

    Top 5 things I'm looking forward to in 2012: 
    1) Bahamas
    2) Vegas
    3) Being MOH is my sister's wedding
    4) doing more theater
    5) the little surprises life will bring


  • Top 5 things I've learned this year: 
    1) There is someone out there for everyone.
    2) Sometimes it's time to step back and reanalyze your dreams.
    3) The things that don't kill us really do make us stronger.
    4) Keeping a diary again is a way to just get all the emotions out, rather than keeping them in.
    5) Once you're truly in love, all the walls break down.

    Top 5 things I'm looking forward to in 2012: 
    1) Becoming editor in chief at the school paper.
    2) A spring break without work and just camping day trips with BF.
    3) Working toward graduating a semester early.
    4) Finally getting to see the Cape.
    5) hopefully my sister's wedding if her BF gets his butt moving after 7 years of dating.

    What about you?
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    Top 5 things I've learned this year: 
    1) You can be friends with someone that you've never met in person.
    2) You can learn something new about someone that you've spent the last 1,061 days living with.
    3) It never gets old to tell your proposal story.
    4) Happy surprises are THE BEST THING EVER.
    5) Red wine is seriously yummy.

    Top 5 things I'm looking forward to in 2012: 
    1) Marrying my wonderful FI and TTC
    2) Being on Four Weddings (fingers crossed)!
    3) Playing with my niece and nephew
    4) Finding a new job
    5) Laying in the pool in the sun with a magazine, a beer, and my then-husband!
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  • Top 5 Things I've Learned in 2011
    1. Family is important, no matter how crazy they are.
    2. You really do learn so much about someone when you live with them.
    3. Even if you never, ever see them, your boss is a make or break factor in how much you like your job.
    4. Nothing is worth being unhappy. Nothing.
    5. Friends can live in your computer :)

    Top 5 Things I'm Looking Forward to in 2012
    1. Friends having lots of babies (I know of four that are due in the first part of the year alone)
    2. San Diego to see one of my BFFs from college in March.
    3. Two weeks of vacation in October-possibly a cruise.
    4. My little brother graduating from college.
    5. Getting a kitten.
  • Top 5 things I've learned this year:

    1)Things are not always as they seems

    2) Even though I don’t have a ton of friends, I don’t need them, I have some of the best friends a girl could ask for.

    3) Despite all their faults my parents are actually pretty good.

    4) Life flies by so fast, hold on to the moments that matter and cherish them

    5) Getting upset about silly things isn’t worth it.


    Top 5 things I'm looking forward to in 2012:

    1.  Getting married.

    2. Going to Germany.  I just can’t wait! I miss Europe so much.

    3. Starting Davis (4 year university)

    4.Running a house hold

    5. Getting on the Equestrian team.  That would just be so fantastic!

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  • Top 5 things I've learned this year:

    1) My dad is not the person my mother says

    2)People who aren't technically family can sometimes mean just as much, if not more than family

    3) I can do anything I put my mind to

    4) I am as strong as I put my mind to be

    5) Cooking is a love that I enjoy getting back to


    Top 5 things I'm looking forward to in 2012:

    1.  Getting engaged

    2. Hopefully getting a tattoo with 3 of my siblings

    3.Hopefully Seeing my "nephew", Logan

    4.Going to CA to see a wedding

    5. Moving into a house

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