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my IRL best friend is sick - long

I was in Phx this week for school / visit family / visit best friends. When I got there and was done with class, as planned, I called up S. No answer. I texted "callllll meeeeee" in true form. No answer. 20 minutes later her husband texts me and says she is in the hospital, and is sleeping and he will have her call me later. WHAT?! is all I can think. 

I texted back asking what hospital? can I visit? pleeeaase? No answer. I called her husband. No answer. I called S again. No answer. By this time I am worried sick, so I am calling every hospital near their house. I track her down and get a room number. I call the room.  Still no answer.

At this point I make the decision that if she wanted company she would have called or her husband would have told me hospital she was at. Or something. ANYTHING! But still no answer. 

The next day I get a text from her husband saying "Thank for your supper, S is home now resting." I can't decide if it's "thank for not supporting you beyotch" text, or a genuine thank you for caring. 

I call her again, this time on my way back out of town, heading home. Still no answer, no call back. 

I am totally sad that I never heard from her, her husband, and that I never got to see her, even if it was in the hospital. For cryin out loud, we're besties and I couldn't have cared if she was in an icky hospital gown and felt like crap. 

Rant over. I miss S.

Re: my IRL best friend is sick - long

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    I don't think he meant the text in a sarcastic way, I think she just doesn't feel like dealing with friends or maybe even family right now. I would just send a text that says "I heard you were in the hospital, I'll be thinking about you. Call me when you are up to it" and then leave her alone. She is probably annoyed with how much you've been calling her, especially if she just wants to rest.

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    Nope, no updates. I know she gets like this, where she won't return phone calls for days when she is sick. Hopefully will hear from her soon.
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    Still no updates?

    I bet that would be pretty freaky. If she's home resting though already, I'm sure she's doing alright.
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    I'm so sorry to hear this, Nursey. It's sucky that no one will tell you what's going on. I hope you hear soon!
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    Sorry- sorry you have to deal with that but I have to say if a hospitalization is unexpected or if someone gets sick a lot sometimes the person (ie husband) is just so overwhelmed supporting the immediate person (ie the sick friend) that they can not process anything else. It's not personal and it's not intended to be mean but it's just that some people deal with challenges better than others and some people simply shut down.

    Give them a little slack and the benefit of the doubt. Sounds like your feelings are justifiably hurt and you missed seeing your friend and were really dissapointed. 

    Last time I flew home I wanted to see one of my best friends- she was feeling under the weather and begged off. I really needed to chat with her but had to let her be. I get home about twice a year so I was really bummed. But I do know it's not personal so I try to come to terms. 

    I hope she feels better soon and you get a chance to connect very soon.
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    I am so sorry that you are in the dark.   I don't think the husband meant anything by the text.  I hope you hear something soon.
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