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ceremony start time?

Trying to decide what time to start our saturday ceremony. We want the reception entrance to happen at 5pm. The anticipated length of the ceremony is 15-25 minutes and the travel time from ceremony to reception is 30 min.  I'm thinkin we'll want 15-20 min. to greet everyone after the ceremony, then will want to take pictures in the church of the families together and some outside behind the church. Is an hour too long for pictures after? not enough? anything else that consumes time that i'm not accounting for? 

I am thinking 2pm, 230, or 3. Im afraid 2pm leaves too much time, but 3 might be rushing it? we'll have cookies/punch for them to snack on until dinner starts shortly after 5. 

Re: ceremony start time?

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    Are you planning to do all of the formal pictures between the ceremony and reception, or are you going to get many of them out of the way earlier in the day?  That makes a difference with how long to allow for photos.
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    Ditto about when you are taking all of the pictures.  Once you know when you are taking the formal pics, then you can have a better idea of how much time to leave between the ceremony and reception.
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    I would start at 2pm, you want to leave room for unforseen circumstances. My personal example is my wedding was to start to 2pm but didn't end up starting until close to 3pm which pushed everything back (my hair,makeup and pre-ceremony pics to longer than expected). We started our evening half hour late 9instead of 6pm, it was 6:30 after cocktail hour) but if we didn't have that time from the ceremony to the reception, we would have had a later start.
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