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How far is to far for a wedding ceremony and reception???

My fiance and I are having a hard time finding a location. This is mostly because we are from a small town and half of our guest are from there while the rest are from the metroplex about an hour away. Is there a guide line to help eliminate venues so we can have all the people who are important to us and we want to share this day with us?

Re: How far is to far for a wedding ceremony and reception???

  • An hour isn't bad at all. Most of our guests are coming from at least a 4 hour drive or plane flight away. People who want to be there will be there.
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    An hour away?  That's not bad at all.
  • Are you asking about the distance between two different locations for the ceremony and reception?  If so, that varies by area, and you should do what is normal for where you live.  A lot of people of these baords will say half hour maximum between the two, and some others who are accustomed to sprawl and the traffic that comes with it (LA area, for example) will say 45 mins or even an hour is okay.

    If you are asking about one location for the two which would require half your guests to travel one hour each way, I think that's fine.  Our New Haven, CT wedding pulled in guests from Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas, Orlando and Chicago, among other places.
  • an hour is pretty far for where I am, but in other cities it may be acceptable....especially if there is a gap between ceremony and reception.  just know that if your reception goes way late into the night, some people may leave early to anticipate the long drive home.
  • Not sure which you're asking.....I would have no problem driving an hour to the event from home, but I would not want to drive an hour from the ceremony to the reception. 
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  • An hour isn't anything. We have guest coming from 14+ hours away. 95% of our guest list is at least 2 hours away. Guest who are important to you and can will travel.
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