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Happy Days

Good Thursday morning ladies,

Just filing you all in that life has improved dramatically on this end. MIke is back to work and my former employer and I reached an out of court settlement! They actually called out of the blue and admitted they had fired me for NO legitimate reason. They offered me back-pay and my job back - however those of you that know the back story, know that was not going to happen.

My attorney spent the last week hashing it out and I sign on the dotted line tomorrow!! Thank god it's over and my UE is on it's way to being approved now. We are both super busy and honestly every day improves more.

Mike's grandpa (who had what they thought was a stroke and has been in ICU unconcious since last thursday) woke up, is moving around, the blood on his brain decreased and he is on his way to recovery. This is after he was put on life support and the family was ready to pull the plug last Sunday. I'm proud to say I talked them out of it with my vast *read: sarcasm* medical knowledge. The doctors are now saying they are pretty sure he is going to be okay.

Loopy - We looked at Playa Del Carmen for a vacation however we realized we both have screwed up passports and don't feel like fixing them right now. Instead we are headed to Puerto Rico in December. :)

I hope everyone is having a similarly great week and a wonderful upcoming weekend! I want to say thank you again to all of you who have given me advice and positive support over the last couple of months.

I would be lost without my NEY'ers. Sealed
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Re: Happy Days

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    Glad that things are coming together and that you are getting everything worked out with your former employer as well!
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  • prodigalgirlprodigalgirl member
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    Wow!  Sounds like a lot of craziness is settling down for you.  That's great! 

    Where can I find the back story?
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  • Beads921Beads921 member
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    Whoohoo! Sounds like everything is coming (back) together. I'm sure it's a beyond wonderful feeling!
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    Life is good today.
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    Thank you ladies! Yes it is a beyond wonderful feeling - I have felt the happiest I have in the last 9 months I think.

    I want everyone to have that same feeling so I am sending well wishes and good vibes to everyone here. :)

    Prodigal: You would have to go back to I believe mid-july - it's a post about my boss and what I should do about work. I can't remember what it is called.
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    Oh while we're sharing good news...

    I've got a meeting about a potential job opening this afternoon, so I'm pretty excited about that. 

    And my son started his first sport on Monday... Soccer and he loved it.  So I'm a soccer mom, haha!

     FI started working at a fire department about 2 months ago and has been working a lot but is loving it... he's even been to a couple of fires already which are rare, it's mostly squad (ambulance) runs.

    Hope everyone else is having a good week too! :)
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  • Wrkn925Wrkn925 member
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    Just wanted to share:
    (In relation to your FI's Grandpa)

    -My great-uncle fell into a coma after heart surgery.  For three months, doctors tried to talk his wife into letting go.  Then he woke up.  He lost the tip of a finger from circulation problems, but other than that, recovered. He lived TWENTY years before suffering from a stoke and passing away.  That's twenty years where he watched his son graduate, walked his daughter down the aisle and met five grandkids.
    --My own grandfather was lifeflighted after his heart stopped, he was given no hope.  He ended up living another six years before passing away this March.  He watched two more grandkids get married, me graduate college, and met three more great-grandkids.  He passed his 60th wedding anniversary. (Actually made it to 61.)

    Sometimes doctors are cold, and think a patient is too old.  Maybe our stories will put a little more hope into their careers.
    I know there were other positive things mentioned there, I just wanted to share that I understand your excitement.
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  • loopy82loopy82 member
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    Yay! About all the good news. That is all very exciting! That's too bad about your passports. I hope you have a great time in Puerto Rico! I am waiting until after our honeymoon to start my name changing process.

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    DWest - That is freaking sweet - I wanna be a soccer mom, honestly. That's Mike's sport ironically enough. I'm sending you awesome vibes for your job interview. Go in there and knock them dead, girl. Your FI is super lucky he got hired on at a department - I know it can be super difficult. Congrats!

    Wrkn- I'm so happy to hear about your great-uncle and your grandfather. Your family must be fighters. I hope Mike's grandpa has the chance to do the same since Mike is the only child in the family getting married. Doctors can be very cold and so can family members. I have never seen people give up so easily. I was like "nooooooooo, I've watched wayyyy too much 'House' to call it quits!" It's sad to see but you're right I hope our stories help someone somewhere.

    Loopy- Thanks girl. Your pics look amazing again :) Yeah my passport still has my maiden name on it and Mike's is expired. We are procrastinators honestly. Definitely wait til after you get back to start the process (having done it before) I know it's not so fun. lol. Have fun on your HM!
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  • breezerbbreezerb member
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    Proof that good things happen to good people Laughing
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    *No pony, no I do!*
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    Aw thanks Breezer, I hope that was directed towards me (and all the wonderful women of this board). I try to be good as much as possible so about 65% of the time!

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    I love to hear good news.  From a week that started out pretty rotten for me, it's actually turned out to be a good week - nothing specific really, just good feelings all the way around.  Must be all those positive vibes out there.
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    Hooray! I'm so glad things are working out for you... well for everyone! Yippie for good days and good news!!!!
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