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AW: Bouquets & Bouts (PIP)

The week I got engaged, my mom told a friend of ours about the engagement.  Before he could say congrats or anything, he said "I'll do her flowers as my gift" - the only thing he asked was that we purchase the supplies.  We had intended to ask him for some guidance, but never dreamed of asking him to make them for us.  Since I have allergies, artificial flowers was the only way to go. I really wanted simple as well.  With all the supplies we purchased, we're getting 5 bouquets and 8 bouts (including both dads and my brother who will be our usher) for less than $60!  I'm so happy with the way they turned out and had to share.  I apologize for the deer in the headlight look, but it was a really long day and I was really tired by the time we were done and took pictures (and my dad didn't like the shirt I was wearing as a background for the flowers so he made me put a white t-shirt on over the top).

The 1st 2 are my bouquet:

This is my MOH's bouquet:

all 3 BM bouquets

and here are the guy's bouts:

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