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What a long two days...

Yesterday while I was at work, my co-worker and I were directed to a link off of facebook (around 12noon) to something that brought tears to our eyes.


Although my coworker and I live in the Hamilton/Ewing area, we weren't directly affected.  However, my co-worker's son, plays on a soccer team with a lot of kids from the Chesterfield area.  My brother volunteer's at the Chesterfield Firehouse and was one of the first responders to the accident. 

The rest of the day, whenever someone's cell phone would ring we'd jump. I got home and I immediately hugged and kissed my little boy.  He's 10, going on 11. I couldn't imagine getting this call or driving up on the accident (like the triplet's father did - he was the FIRST responder before any ems/etc as he was heading to work).

Today, was very quiet (although busy) and my coworker and I kept constantly checking FB for updates. I could never imagine having this happen. Plus, I found out that the girls are cousins of my good friend.

Whats even sadder - people are pointing fingers. Some are pointing them at the dump truck driver and some are pointing them at the bus driver.  That intersection is very tricky (I've dealt with it numerous times) and I've seen very close calls. 

Since this accident happened, I'm afraid to allow my son to go on his school trip to Bear Mountain on the 28th....

Other than all that, it's been really busy and I'm starting to feel a little better.  My bf is picking me up shortly to go out on the town with some friends, so I'm excited to be relaxing with him tonight.

Sorry so long. I tend to ramble when I'm upset.

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