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Is this a good idea?

I was thinking about going out with my MOH and Bridesmaid to do a little 'research' on some dresses in October. I really don't know what style of dress I want yet, but I know that sometimes alterations can take a while. My wedding isn't until June of 2012, but I don't want to be a last minute gown shopper either. I was thinking about doing the actual dress shopping around January to March of 2011.

So, is October too soon to be scouting out what I like and don't like? Do you think it's even necessary? I've heard some gown shop consultants are nicer to you if you have a general idea of what you're looking for (It's less work for them to try and use their brains to help you).

Thanks for the input!
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Re: Is this a good idea?

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    IMO, it's never too early to research and narrow down your choices of what kind of dress you want. That way, you can find a style that you would find ideal and when the day comes to go dress shopping, you're not overwhelmed by all the styles out there. It may go by quickly too if you know exactly what style you want and the store can accommodate you.

    I had my dress style picked out in March, ordered my dress of a similar style online in April and got it in June. No fuss, no muss. :)
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    I think it's WAY too soon.  You can look online to start to get ideas of what you're drawn to, designers you like, and such but I wouldn't go look at actual dresses until May or June of 2011.  Designers put out new styles and lines almost every season and your tastes and styles will change between now and even year from now, let alone two years from now!

    I've seen so many brides around here go too early and end up falling in love with a dress, buying it, and then deciding later to buy something else.  I really think you should just wait.
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    The only way it's a good idea is if you absolutely can promise yourself that once you get the dress, you'll STOP looking.  Stop looking at magazines.  Stop looking at websites.  Stop looking.  Otherwise, you run the potential of second guessing yourself as Dani said.

    My DD did get her dress 17 months ahead of time.  It had a lot to do with my mom being sick and DD being afraid that her grandma wouldn't see her in her wedding dress.  As it turns out, grandma died three weeks before the wedding, so the photos we have a DD and grandma in her dress are priceless now.

    But....DD did stop looking once she had the dress she loved.  That's the key.
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    Well, designer dresses isn't really an issue for me. My dad is paying for my dress (it's the only thing he will pay for) and he can't afford anything over $500 with alterations. That really narrows my search. I just wanted to find out if a mermaid or a ball gown looked good on me is all.

    Thanks ladies!
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    Not too early.  I bought my gown Sept 2009 for June 2011 wedding.

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