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Franken Storm


I know many of you reside on the east coast with me. Please be safe in the coming days.

Personally I'm excited for the storm provided I get out of work but dont lose my power and no one gets hurt. This storm is however going to be big and thats rather scary too. We are stocked up though so no worries of running out of the essentials. Ticker

Re: Franken Storm

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    I'm a nervous wreck. I didn't think we'd be going through this again. I figured Hurricane Irene was a once in a lifetime east coast hurricane... then again we had that crazy snowstorm last October. Please be safe everyone!!!
  • I'm going out tonight to pick up an extra set of batteries, JIC. I'm not as worried as I was about Hurricane Irene, but I don't want to be caught off guard, either.
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    Stay safe ladies!

  • I have to effing work this weekend and on Monday. Fortunately we are all stocked... my only big fear is that since I work at a hospital, I might be forced to stay if the next shift doesn't show. Oh and losing power. That would suck too.
    But seriously, I hope this storm is conveniently timed, so that if Wissahickon Creek overflows (which it probably will), it'll be in time for me to call out.
    End rant.
    Be safe ladies! Stock up on water and alcohol!
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  • I'm not happy about this I really hope it doesn't hit my area hard or at all, which seem pretty improbable.  I think tomorrow morning will be a run for supplies JIC.  I wouldn't mind a few days off of work if they had no power, but the idea of being without power for days does kind of scare me so I'd rather every stay as normal.  Even if it means going to work....


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    It totally sucks that work will almost definitely not lose power.  My only hope is that Metro shuts down so I can "work from home".  And by work from home, I mean start drinking at 9AM Tuesday morning.

    BF is supposed to be picking up food tonight/tomorrow, and then we're doing a liquor store run tomorrow, and I'm supposed to be picking out a crockpot recipe for Monday.  Should be fun!
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  • I'm hoping my work shuts down tuesday and kidlet is off of school. We're going to watch disney dvds provided the power is on, and make smores with the gas stove with or without power. If the power goes out we're going to play board games and do puzzles by candle light and read books that way too. We may even make a blanket tent in the living room and have a picnic in it. Bottom line is its scary but I dont want my child scared so I've made the storm a big fun staycation should it happen to lock us in.I want just enough sandy to keep me home but leave my power on and keep my friends/family safe. Ticker
  • Be careful ladies. T&P to all of you that it isn't as bad as it's been forecasted!
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  • I'm on vacation...just got off a cruise ship. They cancelled half our itinerary and kept us out at sea...which was less than smooth sailing. I think we made the best of it though. We have another week of vacation on the other side of Florida, where it's supposed to be nice, thank goodness. I'm worried about our cats back in Delaware, though...hopefully the pet sitter will still be able to get there to take care of them.
  • Jorja, I will come get your kitties!
  • Just hoping the storm doesn't hit during the Marine Corps Marathon tomorrow--with 30,000+ runners!  Stay safe east coasters.
  • Stay safe everyone!

    Pixie: Your plans sound amazing. My parents did something like that during a huge blizzard when I was little. We all camped out in a huge blanket and pillow fort next to the fireplace. None of us kids knew just how bad the storm was, we where to busy having fun! We got snowed in but the power came on the next day. It's still one of my favorite memories though. :)
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  • I tried to call out for tomorrow... my borough is super flood prone and it's likely I won't be able to leave the driveway by the morning. They're telling me I pretty much need to come in tomorrow morning.
    Sorry not willing to drown in my car for this job.
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  • We are stocked with water, beer, chips, canned soup, and toilet paper. Bring on the storm.
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