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Men's Hats??/Other Stuff

1. We'd like to find fun hats for the men to wear during the GM shots.... think kind of Mad Men, vintage men's dress hat. Suits are navy. Would also consider a straw type fedora.

2. Also, what are good gifts for shower hostesses? My first shower is in 2 weeks and I need to figure that out. (*PS, yay! I've gotten 2 shower gifts in the mail already!!)

3. What should I do for my something borrowed? and my something old? I already have my accessories figured out for the most part. I was thinking of using a photo of my grandparents on their HM in a tiny frame hanging from my bouquet. No idea what to do for borrowed....

Re: Men's Hats??/Other Stuff

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    I'm using a hankie my great-grandma embroidered for my old thing, how about borrowing a ribbon or something pretty to put in your bouquet?
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    You can borrow my dress.... JUST KIDDING.

    Borrowed can be grandma's hanky or something like that.

    Fedoras? Oh heck yeah.

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    1.) I found these at dillards

    2.) Maybe a nice bottle of wine? I don't know - I'm a terrible gift-giver

    3.) Is there an old piece of jewelry that someone in your family owns? Like a pretty right hand ring? A lot of girls on my club board did that and it covered both old and borrowed. I borrowed an old sixpence from our British friend to wear in my shoe
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    That's a great idea. Love the dark hat, too. Very dashing.
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    What about borrowing a necklace or charm or something from a grandmother or mother and tying it around your bouquet?
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    [QUOTE]What about borrowing a necklace or charm or something from a grandmother or mother and tying it around your bouquet?
    Posted by aperitisa[/QUOTE]

    I did that and it was beautiful.  Wasn't my borrowed but my old since I inhertied the necklace.  Its my grandparents wedding bands.

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    My something old is a lace butterfly of my grandmothers that I'll have sewn into my dress. Not sure what my borrowed will be, perhaps a pair of earring from my mom or something of the like. Blue will be a Broncos garter for the FI ::starts vomiting Cleveland Browns colors::

    I'm doing the charms on my bouquet, but not part of my old or borrowed. Plan to have three charms - one for each of my grandmothers and one for my FI's late brother.

    Seconding rickylee - the wedding bands on her bouquet = gorgeous.

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    For a shower gift...I know some people that give some nice bath/shower stuff with a note that says something along the lines of....

    "I hope your next shower is as good as mine!"
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