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I'm looking for flower ideas for my bouquets. My colors are purple and yellow. The wedding is in the middle of June near Detroit, MI. I'm having a hard time finding flowers I like that are in season at the time. I'm a fan of big blooms, and I'm on a budget. Any suggestions??

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    Do you want silk or live??  I'm doing silk and white roses, I plan on orderng from a lady off eBay, very large package for about $150
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    I might use yellow marigolds? If you do non-floral centerpieces and really limit the rest of your decorations, you can still spend good money on the bouquets without breaking your budget.
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    What about lilies?  Here's a guide to when they bloom.  They come in a variety of colors.  I don't know how expensive they are.  If you're a DIY girl, you may be able to find them in a garden center and cut them yourself and wrap them with a wide ribbon.  I'm going to do that with calla lilies at my wedding and save a few bucks.

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