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Crazy effing weather...

I can't believe the past few days. I mean, I live in Michigan, I'm used to the weather PMS-ing, but this has just been ridiculous. Saturday and Sunday it was basically blizzarding and today was sunny and 50 degrees! I'm all for the nice weather now, but I hate the unpredictability.

So this prompts a question: What is your stance on climate change/global warming/Al Gore conspiracy? I don't have too strong of feeling about it. I do believe that the Earth goes through cycles, as science has shown. But I do think that our impact as humans on the Earth is definitely a concern. What do you think? Do you think that this crazy harsh winters in someplaces and unpredictability is just the new normal, or is it cyclical? Do you think New York City will be underwater in a few decades? I'm just bored and thought I'd drum up some convo =)
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Re: Crazy effing weather...

  • If the world is set to end this year, I will take 70 degrees in jan lol
  • I have done pretty much zero research on this subject, and therefore, I'm don't really feel like I'm equipped to argue about it. However, from what I understand from secondary sources, I fully believe that global warming is a legitimate phenomenom, and a concern that is worth attention.

    I agree that there are cycles in play here, but I also think it's pretty ridiculous to think that human beings have had absolutely no impact on the environment whatsoever.

    When you think about earth on the scale of it being billions of years old, things like the industrial revolution happened fairly recently. Therefore I think it's totally possible that we are just now realizing the true impact thing like that (even though it happened 200 years ago) had, and are possibly still having on the environment.
  • I have nothing to add except that it was lovely here today too!! :)
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  • I've used over a whole bottle of washer fluid this winter. And it's only January. And I live in one of the coldest cities in the world. Usually from about November to February we don't get any warm weather, but we've had a ton and the streets are super sloppy. About 2 weeks ago it was above freezing one day and then the next day it was -40. Weather here is definitely effed.
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  • thejucheideathejucheidea East Nashville, Tennessee member
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    I believe in weather cycles and periodic ice ages, and I think that humans think too highly of themselves if they think that they have such a huge influence on the weather of Earth.

    Also, Al Gore is a hypocritical d*ck hated by a large percentage of Tennesseans.

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    Lol. Everytime someone mentions Al Gore that is all I think about. South Park has way to much influence over my life :)

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  • It got up to 54 today in Buffalo, which is just weird for this time of year. Definitely glad that FI and I chose this year to skip out on snowboarding season passes this season.

    As to global warming my opinion is better safe than sorry. We get one earth (unless we managed to figure out space travel enough to transport people to the moon or something), why risk fvucking it up for ourselves or our kids? Doesn't seem worth the risk in my opinion.
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Crazy effing weather...</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Crazy effing weather... : Manbearpig.
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    <div>I'm super serial...this weather is pretty awesome. It's like a spring day, I took the babe out for a long walk and loved every minute.</div><div>
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    68* in Alabama. Man it's nice.

    Unless, of course, you consider the large string of tornadoes we've had this month. Other than that, very enjoyable.
  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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    I think the weather the past few years has been insane.  

    Also, it's 60 degrees & raining here today (in New Jersey).  I'm not necessarily complaining because I'm not a fan of winter BUT it is really, really weird that on February 1st it's 60 degrees outside.

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