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XP- Lunch Wedding Timeline Help?

I'm posting this over on the reception board too, fyi.
FI and I have decided to do a Sunday afternoon wedding.  We don't want a dance, but we still want to serve a full meal for our guests.  We're stuck now at timing it all.
~Our ceremony and reception are at the same venue.  ~We don't want to see each other before the ceremony, but we're planning on doing as many photos before as possible.
Can anyone share their timelines if you did an afternoon wedding? TIA!

Re: XP- Lunch Wedding Timeline Help?

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    Sure -- here's mine, although we did do dancing:

     7am: Bride & Maid of Honor arrive for Make-up & Hair
     7am: Coordinator arrives
     8am: Florist arrives
     8:30am: Bride dresses
     9am: Photographer & DJ arrive
     9:30am:  Cake arrives
     9:3am:  pre-ceremony Photography
     9:30am:  Busboys arrive to finalize room setups;  DOC sets up any name cards,    party favors, candles, additional decorations, etc.
    10:30am:  Guest arrival
    11:00am:  Ceremony starts
    11:30am:  Ceremony ends. Cocktail hour begins
          More Photos during this time
    12:30pm: DOC starts directing guests to reception area
    12:45pm: Introduction of bridal couple, first dance, parents dance
     1:00pm:  Salad Service
     1:15pm: Best Man & Maid of Honor toast once salad is served. Any additional toasts welcomed at this time
     1:30pm: Main course served.  Bridal couple served first, then they visit tables.
     2:00pm: Dancing, eating
     2:30pm: Cake cutting, serve dessert
     3:00pm: Bouquet / Garter Toss
     3:15: Bridal couple exits

    Hope that helps!

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    Yup -- we're doing a full meal, with a salad course, and then a main course.  Then, cake with ice cream and berries.  It's going to be a little tight, but it definitely won't be boring!  I have about 95 guests.  If you're looking at a lot more guests than that, be prepared to not have the time to visit all the tables and see everyone, especially if your venue requires you to be out an a certain time in the late afternoon.

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    ours is a sunday afternoon as well.  Me and the girls are getting ready on site (ceremony/reception all in one place) the mroning of - likely around 7:30 or 8.  We plan to do "first glance photos" and WP pics prior, around 11:00 and then split up around 12:00 or 12:30.  Ceremony is at 1:30 with cocktails at 2 and full reception at 2.  Its a food station full meal followed by cake cutting.  Reception ends at 7:00.

    I hope this helps!
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