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I have heard of a lot of my friends and family members using a quote for the theme of their reception. My Fiance and i love this idea, but i can't find one that suits us. We are getting married in a castle, but it is very rustic/elegant. so, we are keeping our style very country. We would still like some kind of quote or saying to tie the details together. We have grown up in the same town all our lives and gone to school together and been friends since 1st grade and graduated together. So, we're keeping the little details very personal. Example: wearing our class pins, providing our favorite foods, giving out chocolates from a local candy shop, decorating with pictures of us growing up, showing our love of country music by quoting songs in our inviations and place settings. but i cannot find a quote about growing up together and falling in love. we really would like a specail saying that we could always use for years to come. Anyone know any good ones?!
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