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Nothin' to see here :)

Thanks for all your support and advice, I feel a little better now that I know you've gone through similar stuff with LDR's. It really means alot.
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Re: Nothin' to see here :)

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    Yes, yes, there's always an adjustment period, lol.

    BF & I were long distance for just over 2 years at the beginning of our relationship (I still have "friends" that tell me those 2 years don't "count" as much as a "real" relationship - they're idiots and obviously not GOOD friends).

    We usually had a little adjustment when we first got to where we were meeting (it was less so if we were meeting in a neutral location).  The worst was after we left, haha, it always took me 2-3 days to get back to "normal".

    I'm glad you guys will be close soon!!
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    My BF and I were long distance for a year and we did actually end up breaking up for about 2 weeks, although my boyfriend says it doesn't count since we essentially still acted like we were together the whole time. Hang on though because when the distance ends , things DO get better. Alot better.
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    Ya there is always an adjustment period.  You go from seeing nothing of him to seeing everything, it can be tough.  When I got back from 5 months in another country, kissing my then BF felt like I was cheating on my BF with someone else.  It was really weird. Just give it a little time :)
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    I think not being able to get your personal time alone with him makes a big difference. BF and I are long distance during college breaks and I know if he visit me or vice versa, it's very different and more adjusting than if we are going back to school and having some alone time.
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    These ladies have nailed it. I was in a LD relationship for a year. I was in Connecticut and he was in California (almost couldn't get any farther with staying stateside). There was ALWAYS an adjustment.

    Also- we we would get into arguments and just be irritable by the end of the trip...probably because we knew our time together was ending.

    Unfortunately- it's hard not have to high expectations of what your time will be like together when you are actually together.
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