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HELP! How to decorate the altar?!

Hi ladies! I am getting married in the church I grew up in in Florida, August 2011. I dont really have any particular "theme" yet, so I am open to any and all suggestions anyone has to offer! I want a unique way/something to decorate the altar of my church; it is up on a stage and is a pretty large area. I am planning on using some kind of grenery but want something else too. I want something unique! Any ideas? Thanks so much!!

Re: HELP! How to decorate the altar?!

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    Have you checked with your church as to any restrictions they may have? they ,may restrict the type and size of flowers, whether you can have candles and if so where. They may also require dripless candles, etc.
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    The most common altar decorations are larger flower arrangements on or elevated beside the altar, potted plants (mums or other large bushy flowery plants) on the floor, and candles.

    I've also seen people use large candelabras.  Depending what is at the front of the church, an archway might be suitable for you to stand under to say your vows, although in some churches it would just look silly.

    An aisle runner or petals can dress up the aisle.  Candles can also be used if they are in a tall enough glass that people won't light their dresses on fire.

    Depending on the church there might be restrictions on what you can bring in.  Usually people put a few flower arrangements at the front and then maybe decorate the pews with pew bows/flowers/pomanders or something.  Often churches are pretty in themselves and don't require too much "extra" decoration.

    Some ideas to get you started:

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    i reccently went to a wedding  where she spray painted some twigs white (large ones about 6 feet) and had them on either side of the alter it was really pretty because of the lighting in the church.

    I am personally going to put small branches in large pickle jars covered  with ribbon and hang red and clear crystals from the branches. My FI and I are allergic to a lot of flowers and dont want to take the chance
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