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mother of the bride

My dad will walk me down the asile and my brother is in the wedding party.. who walks my mom down the asile? Can my brother do it??? I'm unclear on if the groomsmen process in with the bridesmaids or not? I've seen it both ways... ideas?
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Re: mother of the bride

  • My father will be escorting my mother to her seat then coming back to accompany me.
  • My dad will escort my mom and then come back for me. If it wasn't that I would have an usher that is a close friend of the family doing it.
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  • My uncle was the oldest living male relative so I asked him to escort me.  It's totally her preference
  • My brother is walking my mom down, he's one of the groomsmen.
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  • I walked down with both my mom and dad (so did DH).  Just another option.

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  • My brother is walking my mom down and he's in the WP. FI is walking his mom down and he's obviously in the WP :P
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  • My mom is working pretty hard to get my weddings (yes, 2 separate celebrations) set. My dad will walk me down the aisle, give the toast, and gets the first dance. My fiance's dad will get to give the blessing. My fiance's mom will get the first dance. Besides walking me down teh aisle with my dad, lighting a candle during the ceremony, what can my mom do to be highlighted? have more of a role?
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